STUDENT MEAL PREP WITH ME | easy meals for university | Summary and Q&A

February 5, 2019
Caitlin's Corner
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STUDENT MEAL PREP WITH ME | easy meals for university


In this video, the content creator shares her meal prep routine, focusing on prepping different ingredients for various dishes throughout the week.

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Key Insights

  • ❓ The content creator enjoys prepping different ingredients to create a variety of meals throughout the week, avoiding meal fatigue.
  • 👅 Rinsing quinoa is crucial to remove its protective coating, ensuring a better taste.
  • 👋 Prepping overnight oats too far in advance can result in a soggy texture, so it's best to leave them as dry ingredients until ready to consume.
  • 🖤 Lack of proper storage containers can hinder the meal prepping process.
  • 🪺 Adding a warm item, like a sunny-side-up egg, can enhance the meal prepped dishes, especially for dinner.
  • 😑 Pre-made pasta tends to dry up, making it less desirable for meal prepping compared to quinoa.
  • 👶 The content creator plans to challenge herself by trying new meals in future meal preps.


we're back in the kitchen today cuz I am doing another meal prep with me I was kind of overwhelmed by how many people enjoyed the first one I did where I meal prepped for the first time and this for this video I'm doing a part two we're doing another another week of meal prepping just ingredients because that's the type of meal prepping that I thin... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Why does the content creator prefer to prep different ingredients instead of complete meals?

The content creator finds that prepping different ingredients allows her to have more variety in her meals throughout the week, preventing her from getting tired of eating the same thing daily. It also gives her more flexibility in creating different dishes.

Q: How should quinoa be prepared to avoid a bitter taste?

Quinoa should be rinsed before boiling it to remove a protective coating that can make it taste bitter. For every cup of quinoa, double the amount of water should be added, and it should be cooked on low heat for around 13 to 15 minutes.

Q: What is the content creator's approach to prepping overnight oats?

The content creator preps one complete serving of overnight oats for the next day while keeping the other two servings as dry ingredients. This prevents them from becoming too soggy and gives her control over the texture of the oats.

Q: What challenges does the content creator face when meal prepping?

The content creator mentions that she lacks enough bowls with proper lids to keep all the prepped ingredients airtight. Limited fridge space due to sharing it with her roommate also poses a challenge in storing all the prepped food.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The content creator prefers to meal prep different ingredients rather than entire meals to avoid getting tired of eating the same thing.

  • She preps baby white potatoes and cubed sweet potatoes with olive oil, salt, and pepper in the oven.

  • She also prepares quinoa by rinsing it and cooking it with water, as well as overnight oats with an apple pie twist for breakfast.

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