Stephen De Jong: Creating a 3D-modeled Pitch | Summary and Q&A

October 2, 2019
Investing News
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Stephen De Jong: Creating a 3D-modeled Pitch


Verified Technologies offers a presentation tool that utilizes interactive data, drone technology, and 3D models to enhance communication between executives and investors.

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Key Insights

  • 🔨 Verified Technologies' presentation tool can be applied to various industries beyond mining, offering flexibility in pitch presentations.
  • 👻 The incorporation of interactive data in presentations allows for customization and valuable insights for improving future presentations.
  • 👤 Drone technology enhances visualization by offering users the ability to explore the inside of buildings and underground areas.
  • 🪡 The mining sector needs to modify its approach to attract investors and dispel the perception of being a "dirty industry."
  • 🔨 Verified Technologies aims to provide not just a presentation tool, but also a platform that connects companies with relevant audiences.
  • 👻 The tool allows companies to present their stories effectively and potentially reach potential investors through Verified's platform.
  • 😚 Verified Technologies intends to focus on understanding the needs of investment funds and closing the loop between companies and potential investors.


hi I'm Dorothy Neufeld width investing news network and here with me today at the extraordinary futures conference is Steven de Jong CEO verify technologies thank you for being here today thanks for me so I wanted to first talk about your mining technology can you describe a little bit about it so I come from the mining background but the technolog... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How does Verified Technologies utilize data to enhance presentations?

Verified Technologies uses interactive data in its presentations, allowing users to modify inputs and understand audience preferences. This provides valuable insights for adapting future presentations.

Q: What role does drone technology play in Verified Technologies' presentations?

Drone technology contributes to Verified's presentations by providing 360-degree photography, offering users the ability to navigate inside buildings and underground areas. This enhances visualization and understanding.

Q: How do you see the current state of the mining sector?

According to Steven de Jong, CEO of Verified Technologies, the mining sector needs to evolve and modify how it presents itself to attract future investors. It is often viewed as a "dirty industry" but plays a crucial role in supporting civilization.

Q: What are Verified Technologies' plans for the future?

Verified Technologies intends to focus on the audience aspect of their tool by understanding what investment funds desire. They aim to provide a platform that not only helps companies find investors but also brings the audience to the company's information.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Verified Technologies provides a presentation technology that can be used for any type of pitch, not limited to mining.

  • The company leverages data to create interactive presentations using iPads or computers, allowing for enhanced visualization and analytics.

  • The incorporation of drone technology enables users to explore 360-degree photography, including inside buildings and underground areas.

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