StarlahReads 🔱 Blackathon Takeover #2 | Summary and Q&A

February 17, 2020
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StarlahReads 🔱 Blackathon Takeover #2


Starlah shares her love for books, science, and creative pursuits while celebrating Black History Month and black individuals in STEM fields.

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Key Insights

  • 🥰 Starlah's love for books spans across different genres, including fantasy, emotional contemporaries, and graphic novels inspired by anime.
  • 😷 Her academic path led her to specialize in biomedical physics, where she applies physics principles to medical problems.
  • 😷 Starlah's involvement in various studies within the medical field showcases her dedication to finding solutions and improving treatments.
  • 🖐️ Beyond books and science, Starlah finds fulfillment in creative activities like painting, playing music, cooking, and crafting.
  • 🖤 Black History Month serves as a platform for celebrating black individuals in STEM fields and the support they provide to aspiring professionals.
  • ❓ Starlah's diverse passions highlight the intersectionality of identities and interests.
  • 🎮 She views storytelling as a fundamental part of her life, engaging with it through books, movies, and video games.


Hello, my name is Starlah from the channel Starlah reads and today I am taking over bowties and books for black athon. Books are of course one of my biggest passions and that's why it makes me so happy to be able to share it with so many other people. While I talk non-stop about fantasy I do love a lot of different types of books. I grew up reading... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How did Starlah's love for fantasy books evolve into a fascination with anime-inspired mangas?

Starlah's childhood love for superhero comics led her to explore graphic novels, which naturally aligned with her affinity for anime and eventually sparked her interest in mangas.

Q: What branch of science did Starlah specialize in during her academic journey?

After exploring several scientific fields, Starlah found her true calling in physics and further narrowed down her focus to biomedical physics or biophysics.

Q: How does Starlah contribute to the medical field using her physics knowledge?

Starlah has been involved in various studies, such as calibrating software for radiotherapy treatments, engineering artificial limbs, and researching alternative fuel sources.

Q: Besides books and science, what other passions does Starlah have?

In her spare time, Starlah enjoys engaging in creative pursuits like painting, singing, playing the piano, cooking, and crafting alongside her crafty mother.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Starlah discusses her love for books, including fantasy, graphic novels, and emotionally impactful contemporaries.

  • She delves into her passion for science, specifically biomedical physics, and highlights her experiences in various medical studies.

  • Alongside her academic pursuits, Starlah enjoys creative outlets such as painting, playing the piano, cooking, and crafting.

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