Star Trek Ransomware | Kirk Encryptor | Summary and Q&A

March 18, 2017
The PC Security Channel
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Star Trek Ransomware | Kirk Encryptor


Star Trek-themed ransomware uses a sense of humor to encrypt files, demanding payment in Monero cryptocurrency.

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Key Insights

  • 🦛 Cybercriminals are leveraging humor and pop culture references, such as Star Trek, to create unique and attention-grabbing ransomware.
  • 🉐 Payment demands in alternative cryptocurrencies, like Monero, provide criminals with increased anonymity and potential financial gain.
  • 😮 The rise of ransomware highlights the importance of maintaining backups and implementing robust cybersecurity measures to protect personal and business data.
  • 🪡 Cryptocurrency's privacy features may inadvertently enable cybercrime, emphasizing the need for tighter regulations and security measures.
  • 📁 Ransomware attacks targeting popular file extensions, including game files, may impact gamers and their digital assets.
  • 🉐 The evolution of ransomware demonstrates the increasing sophistication and creativity of cybercriminals in their pursuit of financial gain.
  • 👊 Ransomware attacks serve as a reminder for individuals and organizations to prioritize cybersecurity awareness and proactive defense strategies.


Star Trek ransomware and you thought cyber criminals didn't have a sense of humor haha well last week we witnessed the Kirk encryptor accompanied by the Spock decryptor if you haven't watched Star Trek none of this makes any sense but anyway the point is it's cool ransomware so let's check it out cuz that's what we do right not picked up by all the... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How does the Star Trek ransomware work?

The Star Trek ransomware, named Kirk, encrypts files on the victim's computer and demands payment for decryption. It uses a sense of humor and Star Trek references throughout its process.

Q: What sets this ransomware apart from others?

This ransomware stands out due to its unique demand for payment in Monero cryptocurrency, which offers enhanced privacy features compared to Bitcoin.

Q: Are there any notable consequences of this ransomware?

The rise of Star Trek-themed ransomware, along with the use of Monero cryptocurrency for payment, could potentially drive up the price and demand for Monero, benefiting cybercriminals.

Q: What precautions can users take to protect themselves from ransomware attacks?

Users should regularly backup their files, keep their software up-to-date, avoid suspicious email attachments or downloads, and use reliable antivirus software to minimize the risk of ransomware infections.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Star Trek-themed ransomware called Kirk encrypts files and requires payment for decryption.

  • The ransomware targets various file extensions, including game files.

  • The unique aspect of this ransomware is its demand for payment in Monero cryptocurrency, which offers more privacy.

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