SPS 104: How To Create A 1-Page Marketing Plan For Your Book (Allan Dib Interview) | Summary and Q&A

May 5, 2021
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SPS 104: How To Create A 1-Page Marketing Plan For Your Book (Allan Dib Interview)


Serial entrepreneur Alan Dibb shares how he wrote the best-selling book "The One Page Marketing Plan" and provides valuable insights on how authors can create effective marketing strategies for their own books.

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Key Insights

  • 👨‍💼 Dibb's one-page marketing plan simplifies the process for businesses to create effective marketing strategies.
  • 👋 Good product development, clear messaging, and continuous marketing efforts contribute to the success of a book.
  • 🤩 Building a strong framework and having a clear target audience are key elements of a successful marketing plan.
  • 💍 Engaging in conversations with readers and providing value beyond the book helps increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • 💦 Selling foreign rights and translating books into different languages can expand the reach and impact of an author's work.
  • 📔 Treating a book as a product and focusing on effective marketing techniques can lead to greater success in book sales.
  • 👋 The best marketers are often the highest-paid individuals in their fields, emphasizing the importance of mastering marketing skills.
  • 🏛️ Continuous promotion and engagement with readers can help authors build a loyal fan base and increase sales.


hey chandler bolt here and joining me today is alan dibb uh alan is a serial entrepreneur a rebellious marketer and the number number one best-selling author of a wildly popular marketing book you may have heard of it it's called the one one-page marketing plan he started and grown multiple companies successfully exited multiple companies in variou... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How did Alan Dibb come up with the concept of a one-page marketing plan?

Dibb developed the concept while working with clients who struggled with creating marketing plans. He wanted to simplify the process and enable businesses to create a plan easily and quickly.

Q: Why did Dibb write the book "The One Page Marketing Plan"?

After seeing the success of the concept in practice, Dibb wrote the book to provide a comprehensive guide for businesses, especially those starting out, to understand and implement effective marketing strategies.

Q: How does Dibb use his book as a marketing tool for his business?

Dibb uses the book as a lead generator by encouraging readers to join his mailing list. He provides valuable content to his subscribers and engages in conversations with them, leading to further opportunities for business growth.

Q: How does Dibb approach marketing his book beyond the initial launch?

Dibb believes in the long-term promotion of his book and treats it like a product launch. He continues to market it daily, leveraging various channels and strategies to reach more readers and increase its visibility.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Alan Dibb created a one-page marketing plan as a solution to help his clients easily create a marketing plan for their businesses.

  • The book "The One Page Marketing Plan" has sold well due to the author's focus on marketing and continuous promotion.

  • Dibb emphasizes the importance of a good product, clear messaging, and effective marketing strategies to achieve success in book sales.

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