September Reading Wrap-Up (feat. Bento 🐈‍⬛) | Summary and Q&A

October 1, 2022
Jurassic Reads
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September Reading Wrap-Up (feat. Bento 🐈‍⬛)


In her September book wrap-up, Angel discusses a range of books she read, including manga, novellas, and graphic novels, covering various genres and themes.

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Key Insights

  • 🎮 Manga series like "Cat Gamer" and "Melpress" offer unique perspectives, blending real-life elements with video games and lesbian yearning, respectively.
  • ❣️ Novellas like "Prosper's Dream" can sometimes have a heavy focus on internal monologues, which may not be appealing to all readers.
  • 🪭 Secondary series, like the one by Helena Hunting, can provide added depth to beloved characters from previous books, satisfying fans' expectations.
  • 🧎 Books such as "Fever Dream" and "The Knee" offer a blend of paranormal elements, mystery, and psychological unease, keeping readers engaged throughout.
  • 😱 Graphic novels like "Trick or Treat: Sam's 10th Anniversary Collection" provide a twisted and dark take on Halloween, reminiscent of classic horror anthologies.
  • 🥰 Manga series like "Haha" showcase different art styles and storytelling abilities, making them worth exploring for fans of graphic novels.
  • 🫷 Unique and boundary-pushing books, such as "For the Love of Layla," challenge traditional genre expectations and provide an original reading experience.


hey there welcome to my channel my name is Angel and today we're going to talk about the books that I read in September I will be completely honest it's been so long since I've done an actual like monthly wrap up I don't really have a plan aside from looking at my Goodreads on my phone and the fact that we're gonna do this chronologically so we're ... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What is "Cat Gamer" about?

"Cat Gamer" is a manga series about a woman who is passionate about playing video games and owns a cat. It compares cat ownership to leveling up in a video game, adding a unique perspective to the story.

Q: What is the main theme of "Melpress" Vol 1?

"Melpress" focuses on a group of Kaiju Hunters defending their local area from Kaiju attacks. While there is lesbian yearning and some questionable relationships, the story primarily revolves around their efforts to protect their community.

Q: How did Angel find "Fever Dream" by Samantha Schweblin?

Angel enjoyed "Fever Dream" but felt that it wasn't as feverish or surreal as she expected based on its title and reputation. The book explores themes of possession, mysticism, and the unease caused by paranormal occurrences.

Q: What is unique about "For the Love of Layla" by Cali Moss?

"For the Love of Layla" is a stalker romance that pushes the boundaries of the genre. It delves into the obsession of a character who stalks his ex-girlfriend with the belief that they can get back together.

Q: How does "Dinosaur Sanctuary" explore maintaining a park with living dinosaurs?

In "Dinosaur Sanctuary," a woman takes care of living dinosaurs on an island and faces challenges in maintaining their habitat while ensuring the park remains profitable. The manga explores the complexities of coexisting with these ancient creatures.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Angel starts with a review of "Cat Gamer" Vol 2, a manga series that compares cat ownership to leveling up in a video game.

  • She discusses "Melpress" Vol 1, a manga about a group of Kaiju Hunters defending their area from attacks, featuring lesbian yearning elements.

  • Angel reviews "Prosper's Dream" by KJ Parker, a novella about a priest/exorcist who is himself possessed by a demon, but finds the internal dialogue overwhelming.

  • She talks about a secondary series by Helena Hunting, focusing on the children of characters from her hockey romance books, with a taboo relationship between a student and his professor.

  • Angel reviews "Fever Dream" by Samantha Schweblin, which she enjoyed but didn't find as feverish as expected, exploring themes of possession and mysticism.

  • She discusses "Haha" by the same author as "Ice Cream Man," a collection of sad clown stories, which she found interesting for the different art styles and storytelling abilities.

  • Angel reviews "Trick or Treat: Sam's 10th Anniversary Collection," a graphic novelization of the Halloween movie, featuring additional stories with a twisted Halloween theme.

  • She shares her thoughts on "In the House in the Dark of the Woods" by Laird Hunt, a creepy story set in a forest, with a Pinocchio-like narrative and a satisfying ending.

  • Angel reviews "Little Eyes" by Samantha Schweblin, a book about creatures called Kentuckys that can be controlled remotely by someone, delving into themes of surveillance and control.

  • She discusses "Jealousy Jealousy" Vol 4 and 5, a Yakuza BL series that explores a forbidden relationship between a Yakuza leader and a man who is in love with him.

  • Angel reviews "For the Love of Layla" by Cali Moss, a stalker romance that pushes the boundaries of the genre, which she found unique and original.

  • She talks about "Love Nest" Vol 1, a sub series of the Sayonara Game manga, focusing on a sexually active guy living with a grumpy older man, with a slow-burning romance.

  • Angel reviews "The Knee" by Ranbir Singh Sidhu, a book about a mother with young children who senses someone in her house, with a focus on the mother-child bond and paranormal elements.

  • She discusses "Dinosaur Sanctuary" Vol 1, a manga series set in an island with living dinosaurs, where a woman takes care of them while dealing with the challenges of maintaining the park.

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