Redoing My Living Room in Time For Guests! | Summary and Q&A

September 29, 2023
Ariel Bissett
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Redoing My Living Room in Time For Guests!


Ariel tackles various home renovation projects in preparation for her friend's visit, including ripping out a back step, installing switch plates, and redoing the living room.

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Key Insights

  • 👪 Preparing for guests can be a great motivator to complete home renovation projects.
  • 🦜 Removing dodgy or unsafe areas of the house, such as a rotting back step, should be a priority for safety reasons.
  • 👾 Installing switch plates and improving lighting can significantly enhance the overall look and functionality of a space.
  • 👨‍🎨 Redoing the flooring and painting the walls can transform a room and make it more pleasant and inviting.
  • ❓ Utilizing temporary fixes, such as tarps or plywood, can be effective until a proper renovation can be done.
  • 👾 Customizing furniture and adding personal touches can make a space more unique and appealing.
  • 🥡 Taking on smaller, manageable tasks can boost motivation and create a sense of accomplishment.


hello everybody so this video is going to be very satisfying because I have a to-do list that we are going to cross off and we're going to go item by item doing productive tasks because a couple of weeks ago I started preparing for guests I had one of my best friends ever Lena Norms you may know her because she has an amazing YouTube channel that I... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How did Ariel use her friend's visit as motivation for completing home renovation projects?

Ariel used the upcoming visit as a deadline to push herself to finish tasks she had been procrastinating on, such as ripping out a back step and installing switch plates.

Q: Why did Ariel decide to redo her living room?

Ariel felt that her living room needed a major renovation because it had become a storage room and lacked any effort or decoration. She decided to remove the carpet, paint the walls, and finish the floors to create a brighter and cleaner space.

Q: How did Ariel's father assist in the renovation process?

Ariel's father helped with custom cutting pieces of wood and assisted in removing plywood underlayment in the living room, resulting in the discovery of beautiful hardwood floors.

Q: What additional tasks did Ariel complete for her guest's visit?

Ariel finalized a guest room drawer with essential items, removed tape glue residue from a window, and built a cabinet for the guest room.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Ariel creates a to-do list to prepare her home for an upcoming guest visit, using it as motivation to complete productive tasks.

  • She starts by ripping out a dodgy back step and installing switch plates in the bathroom and hallway.

  • Ariel then embarks on a major living room renovation, removing the carpet, painting the walls, and finishing the floors.

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