recreating every university event the pandemic cancelled | Summary and Q&A

July 2, 2020
Jack Edwards
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recreating every university event the pandemic cancelled


Despite missing out on traditional university events due to the pandemic, a student and her housemates recreate the experiences in a day of fun-filled activities.

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Key Insights

  • 💨 The pandemic has disrupted traditional university experiences, leaving students to find creative ways to recreate them.
  • 🎟️ Celebrating with housemates can make up for missed events and create memorable experiences.
  • 😃 Even with limited resources, students can find joy and fulfillment in adapting their expectations.
  • 🎓 Recreating traditions can provide closure and a sense of accomplishment for completing university.
  • 🥹 Nostalgia and the desire to hold onto university memories inspire students to recreate events in alternative ways.
  • 🥳 Personalized celebrations can be just as meaningful as official university events.
  • 😃 Adaptability and resilience are key in finding joy and satisfaction in challenging circumstances.


hello there and welcome to the week that should have been the best week of my entire time at university basically in my third and final year at university a pandemic happened and that was basically a massive contraceptive of fun every major event tradition activity that I was looking forward to doing after completing my degree has been canceled whi... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How did the pandemic affect the student's university traditions?

The pandemic caused all major events and traditions, such as cuts day, summer ball, and graduation, to be cancelled, leading to disappointment and the need for alternative celebrations.

Q: What was trashing, and how did the student recreate it?

Trashing is a tradition where friends celebrate the end of exams by dousing the student with Prosecco and flour. The student and her housemates recreated this by covering each other in the substances.

Q: How did the student recreate summer ball?

As they couldn't have a big fancy event in a manor house, the student and her housemates dressed up in black tie attire and took their own photos, mimicking the atmosphere of summer ball.

Q: What was the significance of watching the sunrise on Observatory Hill?

Watching the sunrise from Observatory Hill is a tradition for final year university students. The student and her housemates continued this tradition as a way to conclude their recreated celebrations.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Due to the pandemic, the student's university traditions and events were cancelled, so she decided to recreate them.

  • The day included trashing, cuts day, summer ball, graduation, and watching the sunrise.

  • The student and her housemates celebrated with games, dressing up, makeshift graduation, and a late-night view of the sunrise.

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