Recent Reads #4💜| June 2019| A Bunch of New Favorites! | Summary and Q&A

June 14, 2019
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Recent Reads #4💜| June 2019| A Bunch of New Favorites!


Nate shares her recent reads, including diverse books, a hate-to-love romance, and a coming-of-age story set in a small town.

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Key Insights

  • 🥹 "The Test" explores psychological elements of citizenship, belonging, and the standards society holds up to individuals.
  • 🥰 "99% Mine" offers a refreshing protagonist and a love interest who breaks away from the typical bad-boy depiction.
  • ❓ "Serious Moonlight" combines mystery and romance, with a relatable and interesting main character.
  • 🥰 "Don't Date Rosa Santos" delves into the complexities of cultural identity and addresses themes like love, family, and embracing one's heritage.
  • 👶 "A Boy South of Mason-Dixon" provides an entertaining and drama-filled new adult romance experience.
  • 🍂 "Fence Vol. 2" falls short of expectations in terms of romance development, but the graphic illustrations are still impressive.
  • ✍️ "The Honeymooners" is a quirky, funny, and steamy adult romance that introduces readers to the writing duo Christina Lauren.


hey guys what's up my name's Nate and welcome back to book talk with Meg today I'm here with my recent reads I believe number four and basically this is also the wrap-up for my first week of June slash basically the books I read in Mexico I don't know why we're so complicated for me to say that but we'll just roll with it if you guys haven't seen m... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Which book did Nate find the most shocking and thought-provoking?

Nate found "The Test" by Sylvain Neuvel to be the most shocking, as it delves into sensitive topics like sexism, racism, and the different interpretations of facts.

Q: Why did Nate enjoy "99% Mine" by Sally Thorne?

Nate loved the protagonist, Darcy, who was refreshing, open, and honest. She also appreciated the portrayal of the love interest, Tom, as a caring and kind character, rather than the typical bad boy.

Q: What was unique about "Serious Moonlight" by Jenn Bennett?

Nate enjoyed the mystery element of the book and found the main character, Birdie, to be one of the most interesting characters she has read about. She appreciated the exploration of Birdie's family dynamics and self-consciousness.

Q: What did Nate find surprising about "Don't Date Rosa Santos" by Nina Moreno?

Nate was surprised by how this seemingly light and fluffy summer romance tackled deeper themes, such as identity, cultural heritage, and struggles with cultural backgrounds.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Nate discusses her recent reads, including "The Test" by Sylvain Neuvel, an adult novella exploring the psychological elements of citizenship and belonging.

  • She also reviews "99% Mine" by Sally Thorne, an adult romance novel featuring a strong female lead who travels to escape her emotions.

  • Nate shares her thoughts on "Serious Moonlight" by Jenn Bennett, a YA contemporary novel about a girl who loves solving mysteries and works the graveyard shift at a hotel.

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