reading habits tag!! (or, why i don't use bookmarks! eep!) | Summary and Q&A

March 15, 2020
Ariel Bissett
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reading habits tag!! (or, why i don't use bookmarks! eep!)


The content discusses various reading habits, including preferred reading locations, bookmark choices, stopping points, eating/drinking while reading, and more.

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Key Insights

  • 🙅 Reading habits vary from person to person, with individuals having their own preferences for reading locations, stopping points, and bookmark choices.
  • 📑 Some readers are more organized and use bookmarks kept in special cases, while others rely on random objects or memory to remember their place in a book.
  • ✋ The decision to stop reading can vary, with some readers setting specific milestones like finishing a chapter, while others are more flexible and stop wherever they feel comfortable.
  • 🤗 Eating and drinking while reading may not be preferred due to potential messiness or difficulty balancing a book with one hand.
  • 🎼 Music and TV preferences while reading can vary, with some finding music distracting and others occasionally reading while the TV is on but not actively watching.
  • 📔 Some readers are multitaskers and enjoy reading multiple books simultaneously, while others prefer to focus on one book at a time.
  • 🫠 Reading locations can range from being mainly at home to reading everywhere, depending on one's lifestyle and schedule.


hello everybody and welcome to the reading habits tag the video where we finally figure out where do I read when do I read do I believe in bookmarks no we all know what a tag is so let's just jump right on in number one do you have a certain place at home for reading no ideally it was this chair I think I bought this chair as kind of a reading chai... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Do you have a designated reading spot at home?

The reader's preferred spot is in bed, although some reading also happens at their desk or in a special chair.

Q: How do you choose bookmarks?

The reader confesses to being chaotic with bookmarks, using random pieces of paper, and even dog-earring pages. They sometimes use available bookmarks or hold the book open on a table.

Q: Do you have specific stopping points or milestones when reading?

The reader stops reading anywhere when tired, but usually finishes the sentence, paragraph, or reaches a page break before stopping. They don't have a fixed page limit to read in one sitting.

Q: Do you eat or drink while reading?

The reader avoids eating while reading due to potential greasiness or residue, and finds it challenging to balance a book and a drink while reading. They prioritize the reading experience over consuming food or drinks simultaneously.

Q: Do you listen to music or watch TV while reading?

The reader cannot listen to music with lyrics while reading, as they find it distracting. They occasionally have the TV on while reading if others are watching it, but they cannot actively watch and read at the same time.

Q: Do you read one book at a time or multiple books simultaneously?

The reader tends to read multiple books at once due to their mood as a reader. They acknowledge that this may change as they progress further into a book.

Q: Do you prefer reading at home or in various locations?

The reader mainly reads at home, as it is where they work and spend most of their time. However, they always carry a book in their bag and are open to reading in different settings in the future.

Q: Do you write in your books or keep them in pristine condition?

The reader enjoys annotating and writing in their books, considering them personal objects. They believe it enhances the reading experience and creates a stronger relationship with the text.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The video explores the reader's preferred reading spots, such as bed, desk, and a special chair bought for reading.

  • The reader discusses their chaotic bookmark habits, including using random pieces of paper, dog-earring pages, and relying on memory.

  • They share their flexible approach to stopping points in a book, based on tiredness or reaching specific milestones like the end of a chapter.

  • Eating and drinking while reading is not preferred due to difficulties balancing the book and potential residue on hands.

  • The reader shares their inability to listen to music while reading but sometimes accompanies a book with the TV on.

  • They admit to being a multitasker when it comes to reading, often juggling multiple books at once due to their mood as a reader.

  • While they primarily read at home, they always carry a book with them, even if they rarely read outside.

  • Reading is mostly done silently in their head, but occasional reading out loud occurs when reading to others or during reading emergencies.

  • The reader breaks the spine of books and writes in them, considering them personal objects that enhance their reading experience.

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