Post-it: Ideas that stick | Don't Memorise | Summary and Q&A

January 19, 2021
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Post-it: Ideas that stick | Don't Memorise


Post-it Notes were invented by Arthur Fry, who stumbled upon the idea after attending a seminar on a unique low-tech adhesive created by scientist Spencer Silver.

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Key Insights

  • 🏣 Post-it Notes have become an essential tool for organizing and sharing information in offices and schools.
  • 🫦 The invention of Post-it Notes was a result of combining a unique adhesive with a practical need for keeping paper bits in place.
  • 😒 The success of Post-it Notes serves as a reminder to embrace failure and look for alternative uses for failed products or ideas.


making notes bookmarking ideas in your textbook leaving reminders for your best friend on a note writing important calendar events on your study table what is the most common and attractive way to do these things take a bright and colorful sticky note and post it right but why use a post-it note when you have a simple paper post-its have a sticky g... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How did Arthur Fry come up with the idea for Post-it Notes?

Arthur Fry attended a seminar by scientist Spencer Silver, who had accidentally invented a unique low-tech adhesive. Fry realized that this adhesive could be used to keep his paper bits in place, leading to the creation of Post-it Notes.

Q: Why did 3M rename the product Post-it Notes?

The initial name of the product was "Present Peel," but it did not resonate well with users. After distributing free samples in offices in Boise, Idaho, the product gained popularity, and 3M renamed it to Post-it Notes.

Q: Why are Post-it Notes mainly yellow in color?

When producing the first batch of Post-it Notes, the makers found low-cost yellow paper in abundance in a nearby factory. This led to the creation of the iconic yellow Post-it Notes that we know today.

Q: What are some other variations of Post-it Notes?

In addition to the standard Post-it Notes, there are Big Sticky Pads, which are notepad versions of Post-it Notes, and Super Sticky Notes, which have a stronger glue for better adhesion to vertical and non-smooth surfaces.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Post-it Notes are popular for making notes, bookmarking, and writing reminders due to their sticky glue that helps them stay put.

  • Arthur Fry, a singer in a church choir, discovered the idea of using the low-tech adhesive invented by Spencer Silver to keep paper bits in his choir notebook.

  • 3M marketed the adhesive-coated paper as Post-it Notes, which gained widespread popularity due to their usefulness in organizing and sharing notes.

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