Phil's First Party Parlay - Insurance Disputes with Alex Fisher | Summary and Q&A

June 26, 2020
Morgan & Morgan
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Phil's First Party Parlay - Insurance Disputes with Alex Fisher


Alex Fisher provides three pearls of wisdom for policyholders dealing with insurance claims: be pleasant yet persistent, understand that you get what you pay for in terms of repair work, and remember that you're not alone in the process.

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Key Insights

  • ðŸĪ Alex Fisher stresses the importance of maintaining a positive attitude and consistent follow-up when dealing with insurance companies.
  • ðŸ’Ķ Understanding the importance of investing in quality repair work is crucial to ensuring long-term satisfaction and preventing further issues.
  • ðŸ˜Ī Fisher reminds policyholders that they have a team of experts at Morgan and Morgan who are ready to assist and guide them through the insurance claim process.
  • ðŸĪ‘ Policyholders should be cautious about undertaking repairs with inexperienced or unqualified contractors, as this may result in incomplete or subpar work. It is important to prioritize the quality of repairs over saving money.
  • ðŸĪŠ Fisher's commitment to helping people in need is highlighted, as he goes beyond his role as an attorney to offer assistance and guidance to friends and acquaintances affected by property damage.
  • 😒 Morgan and Morgan's use of technology allows them to seamlessly adapt to remote work and continue providing exceptional service to clients during challenging times.


  • And we are broadcasting. All right. Welcome to Phil's first party show where we talk all things timely and topical for the first party insurance restoration industry. I'm Phil Sanov, trial lawyer with Morgan and Morgan's insurance recovery group. With Morgan and Morgan's insurance recovery group, I've got 55 of the most awesome colleagues you cou... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How does Alex Fisher advise policyholders to handle their interactions with insurance companies?

Fisher advises policyholders to be both pleasant and persistent when communicating with their insurance companies. He suggests maintaining a positive attitude while staying persistent in following up with the insurance company to ensure that necessary actions are taken.

Q: What does Fisher mean by "you get what you pay for" in relation to insurance claims?

Fisher explains that policyholders should be cautious about opting for the cheapest repair options. While it may be tempting to save money, choosing cheaper contractors or materials may result in subpar workmanship or incomplete repairs, which can lead to further problems down the line.

Q: How does Fisher reassure policyholders?

Fisher assures policyholders that they are not alone in the insurance claim process. He emphasizes that Morgan and Morgan's team is experienced in handling a wide range of property damage claims and is dedicated to providing support and guidance throughout the process.

Q: Can policyholders contact Alex Fisher for assistance, even if they haven't hired Morgan and Morgan?

Yes, policyholders can reach out to Alex Fisher for advice and guidance, even if they have not formally hired Morgan and Morgan. Fisher is readily available to answer questions and provide support to individuals dealing with insurance claims.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Alex Fisher, an attorney from Morgan and Morgan's Nashville office, discusses the importance of being pleasant yet persistent when dealing with insurance claims, emphasizing the need for courtesy and consistent follow-up.

  • He highlights the significance of getting what you pay for when it comes to repair work on damaged properties, urging policyholders to invest wisely and not cut corners.

  • Fisher reminds policyholders that they are not alone in navigating the insurance claim process, offering support and guidance from the team at Morgan and Morgan.

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