Phil's First Party Parlay - Cast Iron Pipes Claims with Morgan Vasigh | Summary and Q&A

August 10, 2020
Morgan & Morgan
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Phil's First Party Parlay - Cast Iron Pipes Claims with Morgan Vasigh


In this video, Phil Sanov and Morgan Vasigh discuss the challenges homeowners face with cast iron pipe issues and provide insights on house rules, no damage denials, and tricks by insurance companies.

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Key Insights

  • 😓 Special house rules are often implemented by homeowners due to failing cast iron pipe issues.
  • 🛄 No damage denials are a common tactic used by insurance companies to avoid paying claims for hidden damages.
  • 🛄 Insurance companies may rely on biased professionals, recommend temporary fixes, or blame homeowners for maintenance issues to avoid paying claims.


  • Hey there we are broadcasting live. Welcome to Phil's First Party Parlay, where we talk all things timely and topical in the Insurance Restoration Industry. I'm Phil Sanov, trial lawyer with Morgan and Morgan Insurance for Recovery Group. With Morgan and Morgan's Insurance Recovery Group, I have 55 of the most awesome attorney colleagues you woul... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What are some common house rules homeowners adopt when dealing with failing cast iron pipes?

Common house rules include limiting shower time, avoiding simultaneous use of appliances like dishwashers and washing machines, and restricting the use of certain toilets or bathroom facilities.

Q: How can homeowners determine if there is damage to their plumbing system despite receiving a no damage denial from their insurance company?

Homeowners should seek professional help from experts who can perform video scoping and inspections to identify holes or breaks in the drain pipes. Insurance company professionals often overlook these issues during their brief assessments.

Q: What are some ways insurance companies trick homeowners into believing their pipes are fine?

Insurance companies may hire biased professionals who provide misleading reports claiming no damage. They may also suggest temporary fixes like jetting or snaking that do not address underlying issues like back pitch, holes, or channeling in the pipes. Insurance companies might even blame maintenance issues for the problems.

Q: How can homeowners ensure they receive proper compensation for cast iron pipe issues?

Homeowners should reach out to experienced attorneys like those at Morgan and Morgan Insurance Recovery Group for assistance. These attorneys assess the situation, gather evidence, and help homeowners navigate the insurance claim process, aiming for complete pipe replacement and fair compensation.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • House Rules: Homeowners often have to implement special rules and limitations due to failing cast iron pipes, such as limiting shower time or avoiding running certain appliances simultaneously.

  • No Damage Denials: Insurance companies frequently deny claims by concluding there is no visible damage, ignoring the fact that damage may be hidden under the foundation or within the plumbing system.

  • Tricks by Insurance Companies: Insurance companies may use professionals who are biased towards denying claims, recommend temporary fixes like jetting or snaking that don't solve the underlying issues, or blame maintenance issues instead of acknowledging the need for complete pipe replacement.

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