Peter Lynch's Induction - The Academy Of Distinguished Bostonians | 2009 | Summary and Q&A

December 2, 2020
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Peter Lynch's Induction - The Academy Of Distinguished Bostonians | 2009

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In this video, Peter Lynch is honored for his passion for education and his contributions to Boston's youth. He shares his love for Boston and highlights the importance of volunteerism. Lynch emphasizes the positive impact volunteerism has on individuals and businesses, urging more recognition and encouragement for volunteers.

Questions & Answers

Q: How has Peter Lynch contributed to Boston's youth?

Peter Lynch has made significant contributions to Boston's youth through his commitment to education and volunteer work. He has been involved in volunteering for approximately 35 years, and for the past 19 years, it has been almost a full-time endeavor for him.

Q: Why does Peter Lynch believe volunteerism is important?

Peter Lynch believes volunteerism is important because it has the power to change lives. He mentions that while he receives citations and awards for his volunteer work, there are tens of millions of Americans who engage in volunteerism without seeking recognition. Volunteerism allows individuals to see the impact they can make, enjoy the work they do, and contribute positively to society.

Q: How many Americans engage in formal volunteer work?

In 2007, approximately 66 million Americans participated in formal volunteer work. Of these, one-third dedicated at least five hours per week, and many had been volunteering for over five years. This collective effort is equivalent to nine million jobs, highlighting the immense contribution of volunteers.

Q: Why does Peter Lynch believe businesses should support volunteerism?

Peter Lynch believes businesses should support volunteerism because it offers several benefits. Volunteers have a significantly lower rate of absenteeism and a higher level of job satisfaction compared to non-volunteers. Additionally, volunteers have lower mortality rates and demonstrate lower turnover in companies. Supporting volunteerism can lead to a more positive and engaged workforce.

Q: What does Peter Lynch believe businesses can do to support volunteerism?

Peter Lynch suggests that businesses can support volunteerism by providing recognition and encouragement. He proposes giving awards for volunteerism, such as volunteer of the week, month, quarter, or year. These awards cost nothing but can motivate individuals to get involved. Peter Lynch believes every business in Boston and across America should embrace and promote volunteerism.

Q: Why is volunteerism unique to America?

Peter Lynch considers volunteerism to be uniquely American. While volunteer work exists in other countries, the scale and impact in the United States are remarkable. The spirit of voluntarism is deeply ingrained in American society and makes a significant difference in communities across the country.

Q: How does volunteerism contribute to the success of businesses?

Volunteerism contributes to the success of businesses by fostering a positive work environment. Volunteers are team players who demonstrate higher levels of productivity and contribute to the overall well-being of the company. Companies, regardless of their size, can benefit from encouraging and supporting volunteerism among their employees.

Q: How does Peter Lynch feel about receiving this award?

Peter Lynch expresses his gratitude for receiving the award and considers it one of the great moments of his life. He recognizes the support of his wife, Carolyn, who has been with him for 41 years and acknowledges the many achievements yet to be accomplished.


Peter Lynch's speech emphasizes the importance of volunteerism and its positive impact on individuals, businesses, and society. He highlights the need for recognition and support for volunteers, urging businesses to encourage volunteerism and reward those who contribute their time and effort. Volunteerism not only benefits the people being helped but also promotes job satisfaction, lower turnover, and a more engaged workforce.

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