Pablo Escobar's troublesome hippos | Global Ideas | Summary and Q&A

September 7, 2021
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Pablo Escobar's troublesome hippos | Global Ideas


Colombia is facing a growing population of hippos that were originally owned by drug lord Pablo Escobar, causing concerns for biodiversity and local communities.

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Key Insights

  • 🚂 People in Corcona now rely on hand cars for transportation due to the absence of trains. This change has significantly affected the local community's daily lives and transportation system.
  • 🦛 Danya Cevita, a tour guide in Medellin, Colombia, attracts visitors to witness the uniqueness of the hippo colony in the Magdalena River. The hippos' population has been growing steadily, making it an intriguing tourist attraction.
  • 📝 Danya Cevita actively shares information with other tour guides to ensure that everyone is aware of the latest sightings and updates on the hippos. The exchange of information enhances the tour experience and keeps everyone informed.
  • 🌅 As dusk falls, the hippos emerge from the water and enjoy the abundance of food and lack of predators in the Magdalena River. This unique environment contributes to the hippos' well-being and population growth.
  • 🎣 Local fisherman Alvaro Molina Perez experiences a decline in his catch due to the increase in the hippo population. He shares his encounter with hippos attacking his boat, highlighting the challenges faced by local fishermen.
  • 🏰 The Hacienda Napoles theme park, which previously belonged to drug lord Pablo Escobar, now houses the hippo colony. Escobar's influence is evident in the area, and authorities strive to eliminate his legacy while ensuring the hippo's presence is managed responsibly.
  • 🌍 The invasive presence of hippos poses a threat to the ecosystem and biodiversity. Their excrement impairs water quality, leading to the death of fish and potentially endangering other species that depend on the river for survival.
  • ⚠️ Colombia's top ecologist warns about the potential consequences of the expanding hippo population. The government needs to take immediate action to prevent further damage and monitor the migration of other species affected by the presence of hippos.


big trains no longer chug along the rails of corcona people here now rely on hand cars for transport on these tracks crossing over what used to be an ordinary river it's not so ordinary anymore the magdalena river in the state of medellin is the home of donya cevita several years ago she started working as a tour guide visitors come to see a one-of... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Why are hippos causing concerns in Colombia?

Hippos in Colombia are causing concerns due to their growing population and the negative impact they have on the aquatic ecosystem and other species.

Q: What was the origin of the hippo population in Colombia?

The hippos in Colombia were originally owned by drug lord Pablo Escobar and now reside in the Magdalena River.

Q: What are the dangers of the growing hippo population?

The growing hippo population poses dangers such as damage to the ecosystem, increased clashes with humans, and negative impacts on local biodiversity.

Q: What measures have been suggested to control the hippo population?

Measures such as sterilization or culling have been suggested, but alternatives are being explored to find a balance in the ecosystem without harming the animals.

Q: How are the hippos affecting the local fishing industry in Colombia?

The growing hippo population has led to a decrease in fish catch for fishermen, as the hippos compete for resources and can even attack fishing boats.

Q: What is the concern regarding the hippos' excrement?

The hippos' excrement is impairing water quality and leading to the death of fish and other species that depend on clean water for survival.

Q: What is the view of the tour guide towards the hippos?

The tour guide believes that the hippos should be cared for and not killed, seeking alternatives such as sterilization to maintain a balance in the ecosystem.

Q: What are the potential consequences if the hippo population continues to grow unchecked?

If the hippo population continues to grow, it could lead to further damage to the ecosystem and endanger other species in Colombia's waterways.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The Magdalena River in Colombia is now home to a large population of hippos, originally owned by Pablo Escobar.

  • The hippos pose a threat to the ecosystem, causing damage to the aquatic ecosystem and endangering other species.

  • While sterilization or culling has been suggested as solutions, the tour guide believes alternatives should be explored to maintain a balance in the ecosystem.

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