Oscar winner Matt Damon on his Harvard years | Summary and Q&A

August 7, 2013
Harvard University
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Oscar winner Matt Damon on his Harvard years

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This video features an interview with an actor who shares his journey from wanting to pursue acting to attending Harvard and eventually finding success in the film industry. He also discusses a significant moment in his career when he received encouragement from a teacher for a script he wrote, which later became the basis for the movie Good Will Hunting.

Questions & Answers

Q: How long has the actor wanted to be an actor?

For as long as he can remember, he has had a desire to be an actor. It has been a long-standing passion of his.

Q: Why did the actor decide to attend Harvard?

The actor explains that although he wanted to pursue acting, he also got accepted into Harvard, which he found difficult to turn down. Having grown up in the area, he had a certain perception of Harvard, and visiting the campus as a prospective student made him realize how impressive it truly was.

Q: Can you elaborate on the script the actor wrote for his playwriting class?

The actor talks about how he initially thought he failed miserably with his script for the class because he mistakenly handed in the first act of a three-act movie instead of a one-act play. Surprisingly, his teacher, Anthony Kubiak, was extremely supportive and even gave him an A in the class. Kubiak recognized the potential in the script and encouraged him to pursue it further.

Q: Did any part of the actor's script survive and eventually become a successful movie?

Yes, one scene from the script that the actor handed in for his playwriting class eventually became part of the movie Good Will Hunting. It was the script that he showed to his friend, Ben Affleck, and together, they developed it into a successful film.

Q: How did the teacher respond to the actor's script?

The teacher, Anthony Kubiak, not only gave the actor an A for the script but also provided extensive feedback in the margins. He expressed his belief in the script's worthiness and encouraged the actor to continue pursuing it. This support from Kubiak was crucial for the actor's career.

Q: What inspired the actor to pursue acting seriously after receiving encouragement from his teacher?

The actor's teacher, Anthony Kubiak, played a significant role in inspiring him to pursue acting seriously. Kubiak's enthusiasm and encouragement made the actor realize that his script was not a failure and that it was worth pursuing further. This validation and belief in his talent gave him the confidence to continue his acting journey.

Q: How did the actor's friend, Ben Affleck, come into the picture?

The actor showed the script to his friend, Ben Affleck, and together they recognized its potential. They worked on developing the script further, and it eventually became the successful movie Good Will Hunting, which they co-wrote and starred in.

Q: Did the actor face any challenges during his career?

Like any career, the actor faced challenges along the way. However, he does not specifically mention any obstacles in this video. It can be assumed that he encountered the usual struggles and setbacks that actors often face in the industry.

Q: Were there any other influential figures in the actor's journey?

Apart from his teacher, Anthony Kubiak, and his friend, Ben Affleck, the actor does not mention any other influential figures in this video. However, it is likely that he encountered other supportive individuals throughout his career who contributed to his success.

Q: How did attending Harvard impact the actor's career?

Attending Harvard provided the actor with a unique perspective and experiences that influenced his career. It exposed him to different opportunities and connections within the industry. Additionally, attending such a prestigious institution can also enhance one's credibility and open doors for future opportunities.


This video highlights the actor's passion for acting, his journey through Harvard, and a pivotal moment in his career when he received encouragement from his teacher for a script he wrote. It reinforces the importance of support and validation from mentors and friends, as well as the significance of taking risks and pursuing one's passions. The actor's story serves as inspiration for aspiring actors and artists, reminding them to persevere and believe in their talent, regardless of initial setbacks.

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