ORGANIZING MY OFFICE | *REALISTIC* decluttering (stationery, cords, and more) | Summary and Q&A

April 1, 2022
Caitlin's Corner
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ORGANIZING MY OFFICE | *REALISTIC* decluttering (stationery, cords, and more)


Caitlin organizes her office drawers, declutters cords and chargers, sorts through paperwork, and revamps her workspace in this video.

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Key Insights

  • ⌛ Prioritizing functionality over perfection can make organizing more efficient and less time-consuming.
  • 😒 Keeping universal charging adapters and cords can be helpful, while eliminating chargers for devices no longer in use can declutter space.
  • 🥶 Storing rarely used items in less accessible areas can free up space in more frequently accessed drawers or units.
  • 🥡 Taking a systematic approach to sorting through paperwork, one file at a time, can avoid feeling overwhelmed.
  • ❓ Digital paperwork can significantly reduce physical clutter.
  • 👾 Keeping sentimental items or unique souvenirs, even if they are not frequently used, can add personal touches to an organized space.
  • 👪 Utilizing clear containers can provide flexible storage options for various areas of the home.


i've been wanting to organize this little drawer unit in my office for quite some time now i feel like there are certain drawers in here that are making my brain go the top drawer is where i have a lot of the gear that i use on a pretty regular basis with work with what i do here on youtube and on social media so it's actually not in the worst spot... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How does Caitlin prioritize organizing her office drawers?

Caitlin prioritizes functionality over perfection, recognizing that the top drawer for her work gear is acceptable as it is. She focuses on more uncomfortable drawers with wire and charger clutter.

Q: How does Caitlin handle cords and chargers during the organization process?

Caitlin suggests getting rid of chargers for devices that are no longer used. However, she keeps universal charging adapters and extra cords organized in a separate bin to maximize space.

Q: What does Caitlin do with old hard drives and other rarely used items?

Caitlin stores old hard drives and rarely used items, like an extension cord, in a bin that goes in a less accessible area of her home, freeing up space in the more accessible drawers.

Q: How does Caitlin tackle sorting through paperwork?

Caitlin takes one file at a time, keeping the mess to a minimum. She separates the files that need to be sorted elsewhere from those that can stay in the filing cabinet. She also embraces digital paperwork to minimize physical clutter.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Caitlin tackles organizing her office drawers, starting with the drawer containing gear she uses for work. She recognizes the need to prioritize function over perfection.

  • She focuses on decluttering and organizing a drawer filled with wires, chargers, and miscellaneous items, emphasizing the struggle of finding the right charger when needed.

  • Caitlin also organizes other drawers in the unit, sorting items like notebooks, houseware tools, and old hard drives, and redistributing them to appropriate storage areas.

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