Operation Management/Chapter 2-1: Facilities Location Concept | Summary and Q&A

November 19, 2020
Solomon Getachew
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Operation Management/Chapter 2-1: Facilities Location Concept


Determining the best geographical location for a facility is crucial for reducing costs, maximizing benefits, and addressing various factors such as government policies and market demand.

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Key Insights

  • 📌 Facility location decisions have a significant impact on operating costs, profit, and overall risk of a company.
  • 👋 Factors such as transportation costs, labor productivity, government policies, and market proximity play a crucial role in determining the best location.
  • 💄 The decision-making process for facility location includes evaluating country, region, community, and site options.
  • 👾 Different industries have specific location requirements, with heavy manufacturing focusing on space and extensive investment, while retail and service industries prioritize market proximity.
  • 🐕‍đŸĻē Service location decisions emphasize revenue maximization, while manufacturing decisions prioritize cost reduction.
  • đŸĻģ Techniques such as factor rating, demographic analysis, traffic counts, and geographic information systems can aid in comparing location options.
  • 🇨🇷 It is important to consider tangible costs (e.g., transportation, utilities) and intangible costs (e.g., attitude towards unions, quality of life) during location selection.


hello everybody and welcome to this discussion the topic for today's lesson is facility location first facility means the warehouse the factories office buildings and so on so determining those facilities location determining the best location for this facility is a good investment or it is it is essential task of operation manager facility locatio... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Why is facility location considered a long-term decision?

Facility location decisions are infrequent because once committed to a location, it is difficult to change due to the resources and costs involved. Changing location can disrupt operations and incur additional expenses.

Q: How can choosing the best geographic location reduce operating costs?

Selecting a suitable site can reduce operating costs by up to 50% as it minimizes transportation costs and allows for effective plant layout. By being close to raw materials and customers, companies can optimize resources and improve efficiency.

Q: What factors should be considered when comparing location options?

Critical success factors such as political risk, labor availability and cost, proximity to suppliers and customers, exchange rates, and environmental regulations should be considered. These factors impact costs, productivity, and overall risk and profit of the company.

Q: Why is proximity to competitors important in service location decisions?

Being close to competitors can attract more customers as they have more options to choose from. Proximity allows for easier comparison of services, leading to increased customer interest and revenue potential.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Facility location is a critical task for operation managers, as it can reduce operating costs and capital investment by up to 50%.

  • The decision to change a facility's location should only be made if the benefits outweigh the costs of operating in a new location.

  • Factors such as government policies, market proximity, and availability of resources should be considered when making location decisions.

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