OpenAssistant First Models are here! (Open-Source ChatGPT) | Summary and Q&A

April 6, 2023
Yannic Kilcher
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OpenAssistant First Models are here! (Open-Source ChatGPT)


Open Assistant showcases their first models, thanks contributors, and discusses future plans for the platform.

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Key Insights

  • 🙌 The data collected for Open Assistant has been fantastic, demonstrating the creativity and effort put in by contributors, and showcasing the incredible potential of human data.
  • 📅 The release date for the first models of Open Assistant is set for April 15th, with the team currently demonstrating and releasing the initial fine-tuned supervised models.
  • 👥 The incomplete team page showcases the major contributors to Open Assistant, and users are encouraged to hire and contact these individuals for their amazing work behind the scenes.
  • 💪 Open Assistant has received support from sponsors including Redmond, Talking Face, and Weights and Dices, providing training compute and team licenses to further enhance the platform.
  • 💬 The chat interface of Open Assistant allows users to interact and submit queries, but limited capacity may cause some delays in response times.
  • ✨ The models of Open Assistant have been able to generate a range of outputs, from writing emails to Hogwarts to creating songs about cats, demonstrating their ability to follow instructions and produce amusing and creative content.
  • 🌍 Open Assistant is continually expanding its capabilities, with plans for further development and integration into the assistant. Users are encouraged to contribute and help with future enhancements.
  • 🔓 The first models made available on Open Assistant are fine-tuned supervised models, and efforts are being made to provide downloadable weights and training scripts to meet licensing restrictions associated with the Llama model.


write an email to Hogwarts complaining that I didn't get accepted tell them how good I am and why they should have taken me hello hello we're finally here the first models of open Assistant are out and I'm going to show you a little bit what you can do with them as you might know we've built this thing called open assistant and we've built an entir... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Can you explain the process of collecting human data for Open Assistant?

Open Assistant has a platform where users can input their messages and contribute to the collection of human data. The platform allows users to demonstrate their creativity and ability to be a good assistant, which greatly benefits the training of the models.

Q: Are there plans to improve the capacity of serving users with larger models?

Yes, Open Assistant aims to have enough capacity to serve a larger number of users with larger models. While the capacity may be limited initially, efforts are being made to increase it and provide a better user experience.

Q: How do the models perform in languages other than English?

Open Assistant has received significant contributions from Spanish-speaking users, allowing for almost as many Spanish contributions as there are English contributions. This means that the models are expected to perform well in Spanish, thanks to the contributions and training data provided.

Q: Can users download the current model used in the interface?

Currently, the Llama 30b fine-tuned model used in the interface cannot be downloaded directly. However, efforts are being made to provide different weights and training scripts that users can use to reconstruct the model or train their own models.

Q: How can users interact with the chat interface?

Users can go to, input their message or task, select the sampling parameters, and click submit. However, there may be occasional issues like crashes or timeouts due to limited compute resources, so patience and understanding are appreciated.

Q: Are there plans to release more models for inference on the platform?

Open Assistant hopes to release more models for inference in the future. Currently, there is only one model available, but as more open source models become available, they will be added to the platform for users to utilize.

Q: Is Open Assistant considering perfecting the platform and interface before releasing it?

Open Assistant's priority is to release the models and platform as soon as possible, even if there are some imperfections or issues. The focus is on providing access to users and improving the system over time with feedback and contributions.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Open Assistant has collected a substantial amount of human data and is grateful for all the contributors who have helped build the platform.

  • The release date for the models is April 15th, but the demonstration of the first supervised fine-tuned models is provided in the video.

  • The team page acknowledges and showcases the major contributors, while sponsors have provided support in terms of training, computing resources, and licenses.

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