Norway's strongest man VS Rock Climbing | Summary and Q&A

October 19, 2022
Magnus Midtbø
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Norway's strongest man VS Rock Climbing


Sondre Berg demonstrates his incredible strength and technique in climbing, reaching a 7A+ grade in his first attempt.

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Key Insights

  • 🗝️ Sondre Berg is described as incredibly strong and capable of doing things that seem impossible to most people, showcasing his relative strength and impressive athleticism.
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  • ⛰️ Sondre Berg is invited by the channel host to climb the hardest grade he has scaled, which is 7A, showcasing his climbing abilities.
  • ♂️ Sondre successfully climbs a 7A+ bouldering route on his first attempt, showcasing his physical strength and technique.
  • 🏋️ Sondre attempts an 8A bouldering route and completes it with ease, demonstrating his remarkable upper body power.
  • ♂️ The channel host mentions that Sondre has impressive upper body power but lacks climbing experience and technique, highlighting the importance of balance in climbing.
  • ♂️ Sondre and the channel host try various climbing routes of different difficulties, showcasing their problem-solving skills and adaptability on the wall.
  • 🏔️ The channel host teaches Sondre handstand techniques and provides tips on how to improve his balance and form, highlighting the importance of training and practice.


Beast is not a word I use very often but there  is no other way of describing this man when   people think of strong they usually think of  how much weight someone can lift but there is   a different type of strong body weight type of  strong or relative strength and when it comes   to this type of strength no one is stronger  than Sondre Berg he e... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How does Sondre's strength in calisthenics contribute to his climbing ability?

Sondre's strength in calisthenics, particularly upper body strength, provides him with excellent core stability and power to execute dynamic climbing moves with precision. While calisthenics does not directly train climbing-specific techniques, the strength gained is transferable and enhances his climbing performance.

Q: What are some key tips Sondre shares for achieving balance in handstands?

Sondre emphasizes the importance of using the fingers and hands to create balance in handstands. By pushing away from a wall or other surfaces, individuals can explore different hand positions and find their center of gravity. He also advises starting handstand practice with the back against the wall to familiarize oneself with the correct alignment and form.

Q: How does Sondre approach challenging boulders with limited climbing experience?

While Sondre may not have extensive climbing experience, his impressive strength and technique compensate for it. He focuses on finding boulders that suit his skill set, capitalizing on his upper body power and relative strength. Sondre's creative problem-solving abilities enable him to conquer challenging moves and boulders.

Q: Why does Sondre prioritize playful training and creative approaches to climbing?

For Sondre, training should be a reward for hard work. He enjoys exploring new ways of approaching movements and boulders, often finding multiple solutions to a problem. This playful and creative mindset helps him stay motivated and enjoy the process of training, rather than being solely focused on reaching specific grades or goals.

Q: How does Sondre train finger strength for climbing?

Sondre primarily trains finger strength using small campus board holds. By climbing different holds and varying the depth of his grip, he challenges his finger strength and develops better finger control. Sondre also mentions the importance of starting slowly with finger training and gradually increasing the intensity to avoid injuries.

Overall, Sondre Berg's incredible body strength, paired with his creative and playful approach to climbing, enables him to conquer challenging boulders and reach impressive grades. His journey showcases the importance of technique, power, and finger strength in climbing, while also emphasizing the joy of training and problem-solving in the sport.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Sondre Berg showcases his immense upper body strength and relative strength in climbing, achieving high grades like 7A.

  • He demonstrates agility, power, and technique while attempting challenging boulders in the gym.

  • Sondre also provides tips on handstands and shares his love for creative and playful training.

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