Normandy Book Club Suggestions List #3 Nonfiction | Summary and Q&A

May 24, 2022
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Normandy Book Club Suggestions List #3 Nonfiction


A book club member presents a list of nonfiction book suggestions, including topics like Irish assassinations, boarding school experiences, the royal family, and more.

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Key Insights

  • ❓ The Phoenix Park murders had significant political and historical consequences for Anglo-Irish relations.
  • 🌎 "Admissions" explores the disillusionment and inequity within America's education system.
  • 👸 "The Palace Papers" delves into the Royal Family's reinvention post-Princess Diana.
  • 🖤 "The Black Count" tells the remarkable story of General Alex Dumas, a black slave who excelled in the white aristocracy.
  • 📔 Different book club members have varied interests, leading to diverse book suggestions.
  • 🤳 Some members are not interested in specific genres, like self-help or mountain climbing.
  • 🧓 "Nomadland" sheds light on the growing community of transient, older adults working low-cost labor jobs.
  • 🙈 "A Room of One's Own" is seen as a feminist text, addressing the need for women in literature.
  • 🏃 "Spirit Run" offers a personal perspective on a marathon focused on renewing cultural connections.
  • ❓ "Two Heads" explores neuroscience and social cognition through the lens of the authors' careers.


hey guys i'm back again and i'm here to tell you all about my nonfiction list uh for my book club uh suggestions from my normative book club and yes so let's get started because i don't want this to be too long so the first book on the list is the irish assassins conspiracy revenge and the phoenix park murders that stunned victorian england okay it... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What were the Phoenix Park murders and how did they impact Anglo-Irish relations?

The Phoenix Park murders occurred in 1882 when Lord Frederick Cavendish and Thomas Burke were ambushed and stabbed to death. The murders had a significant impact, devastating the peace pact between British Prime Minister Gladstone and Ireland's Charles Stewart Parnell and setting long-lasting repercussions.

Q: What is the memoir "Admissions" about, and what themes does it cover?

"Admissions" is a memoir by Kendra James, who reflects on her experiences as a diversity admissions officer at elite boarding schools. The book explores the inequities in America's education system and the internal conflict James experiences in recruiting students to similar schools she attended.

Q: What does "The Palace Papers" reveal about the British monarchy after the passing of Princess Diana?

Tina Brown's book dives into how the Royal Family reinvented itself. It explores Queen Elizabeth II's resilience and triumph, her resolve after losing Princess Margaret and Prince Philip, and the scandals, love affairs, power plays, and betrayals that have affected the monarchy in the last 25 years.

Q: What is "The Black Count" about, and why is it an intriguing read?

"The Black Count" is a biography by Tom Reiss, focusing on the life of General Alex Dumas, father of renowned writer Alexandre Dumas. General Dumas, born a black slave, rose to unprecedented power in the white world as a military commander during the French Revolution. This story of an extraordinary figure is captivating.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The first book on the list is about the Phoenix Park murders in Victorian England, which had far-reaching consequences on Anglo-Irish relations.

  • "Admissions" is a memoir about a woman reflecting on her experiences in elite boarding schools and the inequitable education system in America.

  • "The Palace Papers" explores the Royal Family's reinvention after Princess Diana's death, focusing on Queen Elizabeth II's resilience and triumph.

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