New York Clothing Haul? | Summary and Q&A

June 20, 2014
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New York Clothing Haul?


Reagan shares her recent clothing haul, featuring items from Target, an Asian clothing website, H&M, Forever 21, and MAC cosmetics.

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Key Insights

  • 🏪 Reagan's clothing haul includes a variety of items from different stores, showcasing her personal style preferences.
  • 💩 Online shopping from Asian clothing websites can be hit or miss, with sizing being a potential issue.
  • 🖤 Reagan's favorite purchases were the jumpsuit from Target and the kimono and black maxi dress from H&M.
  • 🎙️ Economical options from Forever 21, such as the cardigan, crop top, and necklace, are fashionable and affordable.
  • 😩 Reagan also added a lipstick from MAC to her clothing haul, which she enjoys wearing for the summertime.
  • 👚 Although Reagan typically focuses on book-related content, she decided to share her clothing haul to showcase her interests in clothes and makeup.
  • 🎮 Reagan might consider doing clothing haul videos for each season in the future.


hey guys it's Reagan and today I thought I was do something a little bit different and do a clothing haul yeah I realized my channel is book oriented but I've done favorites in the past and you guys know I like clothes and makeup and stuff like that so I thought it'd be kind of fun to show you some items that I've accumulated really over the past 2... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Where did Reagan purchase the jumpsuit she is obsessed with?

Reagan bought the jumpsuit from Target for $30. She loves the 1970s disco high neck black jumpsuit and finds it convenient because it's an all-in-one outfit.

Q: Did Reagan have any issues with the items she purchased from the Asian clothing website?

Reagan experienced disappointment with one item because it was labeled as one size but turned out to be more like an extra-small. However, she was quite satisfied with the second item she purchased, which was a bright and floral dress in a size medium.

Q: What were some of Reagan's favorite items from H&M?

Reagan particularly loved the kimono and the black maxi dress she got from H&M. She finds kimonos to be versatile and loves throwing them over any outfit. The black maxi dress was a steal at only $5 and pairs well with the kimono, a cool necklace, and a belt.

Q: What did Reagan purchase from Forever 21?

From Forever 21, Reagan bought a cardigan made of popcorn fabric, a gray crop top, and a necklace. The cardigan was perfect for the chilly New York weather, the crop top is a wardrobe staple, and the necklace adds a stylish touch to any outfit.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Reagan shares her clothing haul, including a jumpsuit from Target, two items from an Asian clothing website (one disappointment and one success), and various items from H&M, Forever 21, and MAC cosmetics.

  • She highlights a kimono and a black maxi dress from H&M as her favorite finds.

  • Reagan also showcases a cardigan, a crop top, and a necklace from Forever 21, as well as a lipstick from MAC.

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