Navigating Challenges with Creative Mindset | Saumya Kulshreshtha | TEDxChitkara University Punjab | Summary and Q&A

September 29, 2023
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Navigating Challenges with Creative Mindset | Saumya Kulshreshtha | TEDxChitkara University Punjab

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In this video, the speaker discusses her understanding of entrepreneurship and how it applies to various aspects of life. She shares her own journey and the skills she has identified within herself, such as reading, writing, speaking, and singing. She also talks about the various ways she has applied these skills, including in marketing, teaching, and running a resort. The speaker emphasizes the importance of having an entrepreneurial mindset and shares five key points to navigate life challenges with a creative mindset.

Questions & Answers

Q: What are the four skills the speaker has identified within herself?

The speaker has identified four skills within herself: reading, writing, speaking, and singing. She believes these skills are her core strengths.

Q: How does the speaker view reading beyond just a leisure activity?

The speaker views reading as more than just a leisure activity. To her, reading is researching, opinion making, understanding the world, pattern making, language development, vocabulary building, information processing, and much more. She sees it as a skill rather than just a hobby.

Q: What is the core application of writing, according to the speaker?

According to the speaker, writing has a core application in various occupations and fields. It is not just about writing books; it is a skill that can be applied in marketing, senior leadership roles, academia, education, entrepreneurship, and more. Writing can be used for various purposes, such as creating long-form blogs, crafting campaign messages, and describing how things should look.

Q: How does the speaker define speaking?

The speaker defines speaking as the code of communication, which is fundamental to teaching, office skills, presentations, interpersonal relationships, and navigating human challenges in all aspects of life. She believes it is an essential skill to master.

Q: What is the fourth skill the speaker mentions, but states she will discuss later?

The fourth skill the speaker mentions is singing. However, she states that she will discuss it at a later time or in future videos.

Q: How has the speaker applied her skills in marketing and teaching?

The speaker has applied her skills in marketing by focusing on communication and branding. She has used her writing and speaking abilities to develop marketing strategies and campaigns. In teaching, she teaches subjects such as poetry, Indic mythology, communication, linguistics, and semiotics. She shares her knowledge and interests with colleges who want to onboard her as a faculty member.

Q: How did building a resort contribute to the speaker's pursuit of finding sustenance and sustainability?

Building a resort in Himachal Pradesh was the speaker's way of finding sustenance and sustainability for herself. However, she shares that the project turned into something more significant as it ended up being sustainable and providing employment opportunities to the village. The speaker sees it as finding a purpose in her life and creating a more holistic and eco-conscious way of living.

Q: What pathway does the speaker believe leads to becoming an entrepreneur?

The speaker believes that the pathway to becoming an entrepreneur starts by recognizing your core skills and then deciding what to create out of those skills. Rather than teaching entrepreneurship and then figuring out what to do with those skills, she proposes that knowing your skills first and then deciding how to utilize them leads to an organic manifestation of an entrepreneur within oneself.

Q: What are some key skills associated with entrepreneurship?

Some key skills associated with entrepreneurship, according to the speaker, include resilience, problem solving, and risk-taking. However, she also asks for other words that participants associate with entrepreneurs, acknowledging that entrepreneurship requires a combination of various skills.

Q: How does the speaker define an entrepreneurial mindset?

The speaker defines an entrepreneurial mindset as applicable in every domain of life, not just entrepreneurship itself. She explains that an entrepreneurial mindset is understanding and applying certain skills and mindsets in any profession or life challenges. It involves creativity, imagination, and disruption in how one looks at normal life situations.

Q: What are the five points the speaker shares to navigate life challenges with a creative mindset?

The speaker shares the following five points:

  1. Be guided by curiosity and wonder, not just passion and expertise.
  2. Be the masters of the key resources of your life, primarily time and money.
  3. Be disruptive in your thinking by combining creativity and imagination.
  4. Be authentic and know who you are, but allow your understanding of yourself to evolve.
  5. Don't fall into the trap of authenticity and be rigidly guided by it.


The speaker encourages individuals to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset, emphasizing the importance of curiosity, wonder, and fascination with the infinite potential of the world. She highlights the mastery of time, the resources of life, and the need for disruptive and imaginative thinking. Additionally, she emphasizes the significance of authenticity while acknowledging the evolution of self-understanding. The speaker believes that these principles can be applied not only to entrepreneurship but also to all aspects of life, enabling individuals to navigate challenges with a creative mindset.

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