Nancy Pelosi's Strange Response to Insider Trading Question | Summary and Q&A

December 22, 2021
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Nancy Pelosi's Strange Response to Insider Trading Question

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This video discusses Nancy Pelosi's defense of insider trading and the potential implications of members of Congress trading individual stocks while serving. The conversation also touches on the high salaries of government officials like Anthony Fauci and the opportunities for them to make money after leaving office. The video concludes with a comparison of this behavior to the tempting nature of insider trading.

Questions & Answers

Q: What did Nancy Pelosi reportedly do in relation to insider trading?

According to the video, Nancy Pelosi defended insider trading, implying that she may have engaged in it herself. However, specific details about her actions are not provided.

Q: How much money does Nancy Pelosi make as a congresswoman?

While the exact amount is not mentioned in the video, it is suggested that Nancy Pelosi makes a significant amount of money. She is the Speaker of the House, so it is reasonable to assume she makes at least $200,000 a year. However, she potentially funnels money through her husband as well.

Q: How does Anthony Fauci's salary compare to other government employees?

Anthony Fauci, according to the video, is the highest-paid government employee, earning around $223,000. This salary is slightly less than half a million dollars.

Q: Should the president be paid more than Anthony Fauci?

While the president's annual salary is reportedly around $400,000, it is proposed in the video that they should be paid more to attract better candidates. The video suggests that former presidents can make significant money through speaking engagements and book deals after leaving office.

Q: Was there a particular incident involving UFC fighters being paid low salaries?

Yes, according to the video, the UFC once paid fighters a meager $8,000 to lose a fight and an additional $8,000 to win. The video questions whether the minimum fight pay has increased since then.

Q: How did the fighters who received low salaries react?

The video does not explicitly mention the fighters' reactions to the low pay. However, it suggests that they either accepted the low salary or found alternative ways to make money.

Q: How does what Congress is doing relate to the UFC fighters' situation?

The video draws a parallel between the low pay of UFC fighters and the actions of Congress members. It suggests that Congress members are playing a similar game by receiving high salaries while engaging in potentially illegal behavior, such as insider trading.

Q: What is insider trading?

Insider trading occurs when someone uses confidential or non-public information to trade stocks or other securities for personal gain. It is considered illegal because it gives individuals an unfair advantage in the market.

Q: Why is insider trading considered particularly tempting?

The video considers insider trading to be highly enticing because individuals with inside information have the power to make significant profits. They know what will happen before others do, allowing them to manipulate the market for their own benefit.

Q: How did Nancy Pelosi respond to allegations of insider trading in Congress?

When questioned about violations of the stock act and whether members of Congress should be banned from trading individual stocks while serving, Nancy Pelosi responded by emphasizing the responsibility to report stock ownership. She expressed unfamiliarity with a specific review but defended the ability of members of Congress and their spouses to participate in the stock market.


The video raises concerns about Nancy Pelosi defending insider trading and the potential for members of Congress to engage in such activities. It questions the ethics of participating in the stock market while having the power to influence stock prices through legislation. The video also highlights the financial incentives for government officials after leaving office, such as speaking engagements and book deals. Overall, it suggests that stricter regulations may be necessary to prevent abuses of power and ensure a fair market for all.

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