My Top Books of 2020 | Summary and Q&A

December 29, 2020
Brown Girl Reading
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My Top Books of 2020


After taking a break due to exhaustion, the content creator shares her top book recommendations from 2020, covering a range of genres and themes.

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Key Insights

  • 😨 Taking breaks and prioritizing self-care is important to combat exhaustion and maintain productivity.
  • 🫠 Reading with the intention of focusing on high-quality books can lead to more rewarding reading experiences.
  • 🫠 In addition to popular new releases, reading older books can uncover hidden gems and provide valuable perspectives.
  • ❓ Memoirs and stories of resilience and overcoming adversity can be particularly impactful and well-written.
  • 🙂 Graphic novels can effectively convey complex stories and shed light on important social issues.
  • ❓ Exploring different cultures and historical events through literature can broaden knowledge and understanding.
  • 👶 Rereading books can offer new insights and deeper appreciation for their themes and messages.


hey guys i'm back so yeah um it's been a minute and yeah i needed a bit of a break around november beginning of the remember i think it was maybe like end of october beginning of november i started to feel extremely tired i was getting a bit slumpy with my reading so that means like for me i was still reading i just wasn't reading this vigorously a... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What was the most impactful book the content creator read in 2020?

The content creator found "Heavy: An American Memoir" by Kiese Laymon to be highly impactful, praising Laymon's writing and creativity in discussing his life experiences.

Q: Which book deals with an abusive relationship and its effects?

"My Absolute Darling" by Gabriel Tallent tells the story of an abusive relationship between a father and his daughter, exploring themes of abuse and why some individuals stay in such situations.

Q: Which books stood out for their exploration of immigration and the hardships faced by immigrants?

"Ludiside Kim Volume 1" and "Ludiside Kim Volume 2" by De la Chuki Alaigres are graphic novels that follow Akim's harrowing journey from Syria to France, shedding light on the experiences and challenges faced by immigrants.

Q: Are there any recommended nonfiction reads on the list?

"The Warmth of Other Suns" by Isabel Wilkerson is a highly recommended nonfiction book that explores the Great Migration of African Americans from the South to various parts of the United States, offering insights into the country's history and racial dynamics.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The content creator took a break in late 2019 due to exhaustion but is now back with her top book recommendations from 2020.

  • She made a goal to read books that she thought would be highly rated, resulting in a selection of quality reads.

  • The list includes a mix of genres and topics, such as memoirs, historical fiction, literary fiction, graphic novels, nonfiction, and short stories.

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