My Most Anticipated Summer 2023 Fantasy Book Releases! | Summary and Q&A

June 13, 2023
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My Most Anticipated Summer 2023 Fantasy Book Releases!


A book lover shares her excitement for upcoming fantasy releases, including magical circus stories, retellings of ancient tales, and adventures in fantastical worlds.

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Key Insights

  • 🎪 Magical circuses are becoming a popular sub-genre, providing a great setting for fantasy stories.
  • 🤳 Anne Leckie's "Translation State" combines adventure, political intrigue, and exploration of self-identity.
  • ㊙️ "The Library of Broken Worlds" explores the uncovering of secrets and atrocities in a historical fantasy setting.
  • 🎁 "Morgan is My Name" presents a fresh perspective on the Arthurian Legends, focusing on empowerment and reimagining ancient tales.
  • 🧚 "Thornhedge" by T.Kingfisher promises a delightful and cozy fairy tale retelling.
  • 😆 "The Splinter in the Sky" offers a political thriller leaning sci-fi story, captivating readers with a unique plot and intriguing topics.
  • 🥋 "The Water Outlaws" is inspired by classic martial arts literature, and its combat writing is expected to be superb.


guys it's Reagan and welcome back to another video today's video I'm so excited about because we're going to be chatting about my most anticipated fantasy releases for this upcoming summer listen we all know I love buying a book I love reading a book so anticipating upcoming fantasy releases it's just something I really love okay also on a personal... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What is the setting of "The First Bright Thing" and what are the main characters' roles in the story?

"The First Bright Thing" is set in the Midwest after World War I. The main character, Rin, is a ringmaster in a magical circus, and her wife is a trapeze artist. They travel from city to city, facing threats and potential war.

Q: What makes "Translation State" an intriguing read?

"Translation State" by Anne Leckie follows three characters on a mission to find a long-lost translator. This sci-fi novel combines adventure, political intrigue, and exploration of self-identity, promising a plot-forward story with compelling characters.

Q: What is the premise of "The Library of Broken Worlds" and what makes the main character unique?

"The Library of Broken Worlds" features a main character named Freda, who is the daughter of the library God. She has unparalleled access to the vast library and embarks on a quest to save a religious minority. Her unique upbringing and connection to the library make her both unique and dangerous.

Q: How does "Morgan is My Name" reimagine the tale of Morgan LaFaye?

"Morgan is My Name" offers a feminist reimagining of the Arthurian Legends. It tells the story of Morgan LaFaye from her perspective, exploring her journey as a young woman, her learning of magical arts, and the challenges she faces as a powerful woman in a patriarchal society.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The first Bright Thing: A magical circus story set in the aftermath of World War I, following a ringmaster and her trapeze artist wife as they face threats and potential war.

  • Translation State: An adventurous sci-fi novel by acclaimed author Anne Leckie, featuring three characters searching for a long-lost translator, with political intrigue and themes of self-identity.

  • The Library of Broken Worlds: A daughter of the library God uncovers secrets and atrocities while trying to save a religious minority in a fantasy tale with a historical setting.

  • Morgan is My Name: A feminist reimagining of the tale of Morgan LaFaye, offering a fresh perspective on the Arthurian Legends with a focus on magic and empowerment.

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