My London Studio Tour (2022) | Summary and Q&A

September 18, 2022
Ali Abdaal
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My London Studio Tour (2022)


Get an inside view of a YouTube studio in London and learn about the setup, expenses, and challenges of creating content.

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Key Insights

  • 🎙️ The studio provides a professional and dedicated space for content creation, enhancing the quality and efficiency of videos, podcasts, and livestreams.
  • 👻 The communal areas and amenities in the building add value to the studio, allowing for flexibility, networking opportunities, and a more enjoyable working environment.
  • 🥐 The financial aspect of having a studio is important to consider, as the costs need to be justified by the benefits and ROI it brings.


hey friends welcome back to the channel this is our 2022 youtube studio tour [Applause] [Applause] and this is the first episode of a new series that we're going to call backstage a series where we're going to take you behind the scenes of this youtube channel and the business that surrounds it and i'm going to share the lessons and trials and trib... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Why did the narrator choose to have a dedicated studio space instead of filming at home?

The narrator wanted a separate space for filming to avoid disruptions in their personal life and to create a more professional environment for content creation.

Q: How does the studio utilize the different setups for videos, podcasts, and livestreams?

The team adapts the studio space depending on the purpose of the content. Different setups are used for different types of content to ensure the best quality and efficiency.

Q: Are there any financial considerations for having a studio?

Yes, the narrator mentions that the studio costs £10,800 per month. They discuss the potential return on investment (ROI) and reflect on the value of having a private office, hot desking privileges, and a dedicated filming space.

Q: What are some of the key benefits of having an office versus working from home?

The narrator highlights the positive aspects of being in a communal workspace, such as increased collaboration, serendipitous ideas, and improved overall vibes within the team.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The content provides a comprehensive tour of a YouTube studio, including the communal areas and various setups for filming videos, podcasts, and livestreams.

  • The narrator discusses the studio's co-working areas, cafe, reading room, and conference rooms, highlighting the benefits of having a dedicated workspace.

  • The video explores different filming setups, including working desks, podcast setup, and main channel filming area, showcasing the equipment and explaining their functions.

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