My January 2021 Book Haul (with other books I hadn't hauled yet ðŸ–Ī) | Summary and Q&A

February 7, 2021
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My January 2021 Book Haul (with other books I hadn't hauled yet ðŸ–Ī)


In this video, the speaker shares their book haul from December and January, which includes ARCs, gifted books, and books purchased with gift cards.

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Key Insights

  • 📔 The speaker follows book buying rules, only purchasing books with gift cards and being gifted books by friends and publishers.
  • ðŸŦ  They are excited about the ARCs they received, particularly "Steeped in Gold" for its Jamaican-inspired fantasy and "Pretending" for its focus on the challenges of dating and pretending to be someone else.
  • 📔 The speaker expresses gratitude towards friends who gifted them books and mentions specific individuals who sent them books.
  • 🖕 There is a mix of middle-grade books, romance novels, and contemporary fiction in the haul, reflecting the speaker's diverse reading interests.
  • ðŸŦ  The speaker mentions participating in a 24-hour read-a-thon and invites viewers to ask questions for a Q&A video.


hey guys what is up my name is vegan welcome back to my channel or welcome if you're new hope you guys are doing well and staying safe today we are here to talk about all of the books i got in december and january and like two books i got recently in february i don't think february will actually be anything of a haul so i'm just gonna mash them up ... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What is the most anticipated book the speaker received in their book haul?

The speaker's most anticipated book is "Shipped" by Angie Hockman. They are excited about this hate-to-love office romance set on the Galapagos Islands, which has been compared to "The Hating Game" and "The Honeymooners".

Q: What inspired the speaker to purchase "The Marriage Game" and "The Trouble with Hating You"?

The speaker was drawn to these diverse romance novels featuring independent working women. In "The Marriage Game", the leads are set up by their parents and end up falling in love in the same office space. "The Trouble with Hating You" is about a woman who walked away from a man only to find herself working with him later, sparking a conflict about whether they can move past their past.

Q: Which book in the haul focuses on the celebration of being single?

"Happy Single to Say" by Ann-Marie Walker is the book that explores the celebration of being single. The main character celebrates being single and ends up falling in love with a grumpy love interest at a bed and breakfast.

Q: How did the speaker acquire "Make a Breakup" by William Menden?

The speaker's high school friend, who they now talk to on the internet, gifted them a copy of "Make a Breakup" after the speaker expressed interest in the book on their Instagram. It is an office romance about competing apps, and the speaker feels a personal connection to the topic.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The speaker received several ARCs, including "Steeped in Gold" by Shannon Smart, "A Love in English" by Maria E. Andreu, and "Pretending" by Holly Bourne, which they are excited to read and review.

  • They also received gifted books, such as "Along for the Ride" by Mimi Grace and "Make a Breakup" by William Menden, which they are eager to read due to the interesting premises and their connection to the topics.

  • With gift cards, the speaker purchased middle-grade books, including "Paiges and Co: Tilly and the Map of Stories" by Anna James, and romance novels such as "The Roommate" by Rosie Downing and "A Sweet Mess" by J.C. Lee.

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