My Biggest Failure So Far… | Summary and Q&A

May 7, 2024
Ali Abdaal
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My Biggest Failure So Far…


YouTuber reflects on negative reviews of his affordable mechanical keyboard, discusses lessons learned from the experience.

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Key Insights

  • 😍 Rushing the marketing process can lead to messaging that doesn't align with the brand's true values and can create misconceptions.
  • ✋ Building a physical product business requires a higher level of focus and attention to quality than other ventures.
  • 👤 It is essential to conduct user testing and gather feedback from experts in the field to improve the product.
  • 😫 Setting a realistic pricing strategy and understanding the cost structure is crucial for long-term viability.
  • 😀 It is important to trust one's instincts and take them seriously, even when faced with external pressures.
  • 👶 Balancing the authority as a guru in one domain with entering a new industry can present challenges and potential conflicts.
  • 🚀 Product launches can be a valuable learning experience, even if they don't achieve immediate financial success.


when you do something or launch a product and it doesn't work why is the productivity guy getting into keyboards and it gets negative reviews and stuff this thing is probably really affordable and really cheap and um wait you're kidding right I have never seen this before they glued metal weights to the top of the case drawing more attention to tho... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Why did the YouTuber decide to venture into building a keyboard?

The YouTuber, being interested in tech and productivity, wanted to create their own line of productivity products that they personally use and find cool. Additionally, they wanted to diversify their business and create a brand separate from their personal brand.

Q: What were some criticisms received about the keyboard?

Reviewers highlighted the lack of enthusiast features, the higher price compared to budget offerings, and the perceived lack of research and development put into the product.

Q: Why did the YouTuber add weights to the keyboard?

The YouTuber explains that the weights were added to enhance the perceived quality of the product and prevent it from feeling plasticky. Adding weights is a common practice in the tech industry to improve the overall feel of a product.

Q: How did the negative feedback impact the YouTuber and their team?

The YouTuber expresses gratitude for the feedback and acknowledges that it allowed them to learn valuable lessons. They also mention the financial challenges faced due to the negative reception of the product.

Q: Has the YouTuber considered the implications of launching a physical product business?

Yes, the YouTuber acknowledges the challenges of competing against brands with larger economies of scale and the difficulty of competing solely on price. They also discuss the importance of building a brand that can exist independently of their personal brand.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The YouTuber launched a new brand, Light Mode, and their first product was an affordable mechanical keyboard.

  • The keyboard received negative reviews and faced financial challenges, with the business still in debt from the product launch.

  • The YouTuber expresses gratitude for the honest reviews and shares the lessons learned from the experience.

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