MY 2023 PLANNER *finally* USING NOTION | life & work goal setting | Summary and Q&A

January 6, 2023
Caitlin's Corner
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MY 2023 PLANNER *finally* USING NOTION | life & work goal setting


In this video, the content creator discusses her transition from bullet journaling to using the digital organization app Notion. She walks through her 2023 life and work dashboards, highlighting the features and customizability of Notion.

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Key Insights

  • 🚄 Notion offers a versatile and customizable digital organization system that can replace physical bullet journaling.
  • 👻 The application allows for the creation of templates and pages, making it easy to organize goals, tasks, and information.
  • 👨‍🔬 By using databases and tags, users can filter and search for specific details within their digital organization system.


in the fall of 2022 I made a video saying goodbye to Bullet journaling after six-ish years one of my biggest reasonings for saying goodbye to the bullet journaling system despite the fact that I do love it and still use elements of it today in different ways is because I had grown to need a system that would actually allow me to find materials easi... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How does Notion compare to a physical bullet journal?

Notion offers the same functionalities as a bullet journal but in a digital format. It allows for easier organization, material search, and customization, making it a versatile tool for those familiar with bullet journaling.

Q: Is there a learning curve to using Notion?

Yes, there is a learning curve to using Notion, as it offers a wide range of functions and features. However, spending time exploring the tool and experimenting with different elements will help users become more familiar and comfortable with it.

Q: How does Notion help in separating work and personal life?

Notion allows users to create separate dashboards or pages for different areas of their lives. This enables them to keep their work and personal plans, goals, and information organized in one place, reducing clutter and facilitating easier access.

Q: What are the benefits of creating a digital second brain using Notion?

By using Notion as a digital second brain, users can store and retrieve all types of important information, from work-related details to favorite quotes and personal appointments. This frees up mental capacity and helps in efficient planning and decision-making.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The content creator explains why she transitioned from bullet journaling to a digital organization system like Notion, citing the need for easier material and information searchability.

  • She introduces Notion as a free application that combines the functionalities of writing, list-making, tracking, and embedding links, allowing for a customized and organized digital experience.

  • The content creator shares insights from the book "Building a Second Brain" by Thiago Forte, which emphasizes the importance of a digital space to store and retrieve all types of information, leading to more mental capacity and efficient future planning.

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