Motherhood: Identity, Calling, and Community - Carmen Coe + Kirsten Watson | Summary and Q&A

May 14, 2023
Passion City Church
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Motherhood: Identity, Calling, and Community - Carmen Coe + Kirsten Watson


On Mother's Day, Carmen and Kirsten discuss the importance of finding community, staying grounded in the Word, and embracing one's unique calling to flourish in all seasons of motherhood.

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Key Insights

  • 🖐️ Community plays a vital role in a mother's journey, providing support, understanding, and guidance.
  • 🛝 Staying grounded in the Word helps mothers gain perspective, wisdom, and strength to navigate different seasons and challenges.
  • 👻 Embracing one's unique calling as a mother allows for personal growth, purpose, and impact.
  • 😨 Finding time for solitude and self-care is essential for mothers to recharge and maintain their well-being.
  • 🥳 Mother's Day can bring a mix of emotions, and it is crucial to acknowledge and honor different experiences and feelings.
  • 🙈 God sees and values every mother, regardless of their circumstances or past choices.
  • 👻 Trusting in God's plan and focusing on Jesus rather than past or future worries allows mothers to flourish in all seasons.


it is so good to welcome you all here today on this special special day for mothers um my name is Carmen my husband Aaron and I have the privilege of leading here at trileth as he said it's South of the Border but uh just so you know a little bit about trilith like it's across the street it's kind of near in between Fayetteville and Peachtree City ... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Why is finding community important for mothers?

Finding community provides support, encouragement, and accountability. It helps mothers feel seen, known, and understood as they navigate the challenges and joys of motherhood.

Q: How can mothers stay grounded in the Word amidst their busy lives?

Mothers can prioritize alone time with God, even if it means sacrificing certain tasks or activities. They can find creative ways to engage with the Scriptures, such as listening to podcasts or reading devotionals, to stay connected to God's truth and wisdom.

Q: How can mothers embrace their unique calling and let go of comparison?

Mothers should focus on their own strengths, experiences, and passions, rather than trying to imitate or compare themselves to others. Embracing their unique calling allows them to make a significant impact on their families and communities.

Q: How can mothers find time to be alone and recharge?

Mothers can communicate their need for alone time to their partners, family members, or friends, and work together to create opportunities for rest and self-care. It may require setting boundaries, delegating tasks, or scheduling dedicated "me time."

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Carmen and Kirsten emphasize the significance of community, finding people who see and support you, and being vulnerable and authentic with them.

  • They highlight the importance of staying grounded in the Word and seeking guidance and direction from God to navigate the challenges and different seasons of motherhood.

  • Kirsten shares her personal journey of motherhood, having seven children, and the importance of focusing on Jesus and letting go of past expectations or future worries.

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