MEGAN JAYNE CRABBE (formerly BodyPosiPanda) on #NotTooDeep // Grace Helbig | Summary and Q&A

October 18, 2021
Grace Helbig
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MEGAN JAYNE CRABBE (formerly BodyPosiPanda) on #NotTooDeep // Grace Helbig


Megan Jane Crabb, also known as Body Posi Panda, discusses her name change, the challenges of building a body positivity community online, and the importance of personal growth and change.

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Key Insights

  • 🤳 The journey to self-acceptance and body positivity often involves unlearning harmful beliefs and embracing vulnerability.
  • 😫 Building a supportive community online requires setting boundaries and prioritizing mental well-being.
  • 🥶 Personal growth and change should be embraced, even if it means leaving behind an old brand or identity.
  • 🥰 True friendships can often provide more support and love than romantic relationships.
  • 👶 Moving to a new place, such as college, can be both nerve-wracking and exciting, but seeking comfort in new experiences and forging connections can ease the transition.
  • 🥺 Embracing change and personal growth may lead to skepticism from others, but it is an essential part of living a fulfilling life.
  • ✊ The power of vulnerability and authenticity in building connections and fostering a safe and understanding community should be valued.


hello and welcome to another episode of not too deep i'm your host grace helbig i am thoroughly thrilled to have meg and jane crabb on today's episode you might know her as body posse panda she's went through a little bit of a rebrand aka she's just using her actual uh adult woman name on the the instagrams and the social media platforms we talk th... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How did Megan Jane Crabb transition from being an influencer to a multi-hyphenated creator, writer, and presenter?

Megan initially labeled herself as an influencer, but as she grew, she embraced her various creative roles, focusing more on being a well-rounded creator.

Q: What led Megan to start sharing her body positive journey on social media?

Megan stumbled upon a small group of body positive individuals on Instagram, which inspired her to document her own self-acceptance journey and challenge harmful diet culture.

Q: How did Megan approach the process of writing her book, "Body Positive Power"?

Megan decided to combine everything she had learned about body positivity with her personal experiences to create an honest and vulnerable account of her journey.

Q: Why did Megan change her name on social media from Body Posi Panda to Megan Jane Crabb?

As Megan's platform grew and she evolved personally and professionally, she felt it was time to leave behind the cute but limited name and embrace her complete identity.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Megan Jane Crabb shares her journey from following fitspo accounts to discovering the body positivity movement and embracing self-acceptance.

  • She discusses the process of rebranding and changing her name on social media to reflect her personal growth and multifaceted identity.

  • Megan talks about the challenges of navigating online platforms and the impact of negative comments on one's self-esteem.

  • She also explores the power of vulnerability and authenticity in building a supportive community.

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