Meet The $30 Million Dollar 23 Year Old (How He Did It) | Summary and Q&A

September 14, 2020
Andrei Jikh
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Meet The $30 Million Dollar 23 Year Old (How He Did It)


A 23-year-old multi-millionaire shares his story and emphasizes the role of luck, hard work, and finding one's passion in achieving financial success.

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Key Insights

  • 💦 Luck plays a significant role in achieving financial success, alongside hard work and determination.
  • 🪐 Wealth does not guarantee happiness, but it provides a safety net and financial freedom to pursue one's passions.
  • 🎓 The high cost of college, especially private colleges, may not always be justified in terms of return on investment.
  • 🪡 Wealth inequality is a crucial problem that needs to be addressed through stricter estate taxes.


what if you woke up tomorrow and you realize you were in your early 20s and you became a multi-multi-millionaire how would you even get there i don't know the answer to that question but together we're gonna find out hi my name is andre jake i hope you're doing well and today i got the chance to talk to somebody who in their 20s while going to coll... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How did the interviewee become a multi-multi-millionaire at such a young age?

The interviewee had three major windfalls, with the last one being a private investment sourced through his father. He acknowledges the role of luck in his success.

Q: How did the interviewee's father achieve financial success?

The interviewee's father started his own company after being inspired by witnessing his boss's downfall and decided to be his own boss. He worked hard and eventually sold his software as a service company.

Q: Was the interviewee's father's success primarily due to luck or hard work?

The interviewee believes that luck plays a significant role in people's success, including his father's. However, he emphasizes the importance of hard work and determination in shaping one's life.

Q: Does having a lot of money bring happiness?

While money provides reassurance and financial flexibility, the interviewee does not find happiness solely in wealth. It allows him to pursue experiences and provides a safety net, but it is not the source of his happiness.

Q: Is college still worth it?

The interviewee believes that the high cost of private colleges makes them less worthwhile for most people, especially if they do not major in STEM fields. Community colleges or state colleges can provide similar outcomes at a lower cost.

Q: How does the interviewee's wealth affect his relationships?

While not many people know the exact extent of his wealth, the interviewee believes that wealth has inevitably altered others' perceptions of him. Some friends may view him as an investing genius, while others may have a different perspective.

Q: Is wealth inequality a problem, and how can it be solved?

The interviewee acknowledges wealth inequality as a major issue, particularly in cities like San Francisco and New York. He suggests implementing a strict tax on estates above a certain threshold to address the problem.

Q: What advice does the interviewee have for teenagers and 20-year-olds looking for success?

The interviewee's father advised him to focus on finding something he is good at rather than blindly following a path to become rich. He believes that success and financial stability can be achieved by excelling at what one enjoys.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • A young multi-millionaire discusses his journey to wealth, highlighting the importance of luck and the unpredictable nature of success.

  • The interviewee made a significant amount of money through a combination of private investments and lucky opportunities.

  • The interviewee's father's success story is also explored, showcasing the role of luck and determination in achieving financial stability.

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