May I Have Your Attention Please - Louie Giglio | Summary and Q&A

December 4, 2022
Passion City Church
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May I Have Your Attention Please - Louie Giglio


God constantly breaks into our lives with important announcements, and it's crucial for us to give Him our attention.

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Key Insights

  • ❓ God wants our attention and constantly seeks to communicate with us.
  • 🥳 The birth of Jesus brought awe and wonder, reminding us to approach Christmas with the same sense of amazement.
  • 🥰 The announcement of Jesus' birth was significant because it showed God's love for all people, regardless of social status.
  • 🥳 Scripture ensures that we have access to the announcement of Jesus' birth and can share it with others.
  • 💨 Help is on the way for the translation of the Bible into every language, and we can be a part of it through the 12 verse challenge.
  • 💁 Worship and work go hand in hand, and our work can be a form of worship to God.
  • 🧑 We have the opportunity to support Bible translation and ensure that the announcement of Jesus reaches every person.


the title is may I have your attention please in the old days anybody remember the old days anybody you're like how old I mean like the old old days anybody remember Tom Brokaw on the news or Walter Cronkite or one of these legendary voices and when something major happened in the world whatever you were watching on television they would break into... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Why does God need to get our attention?

God wants to communicate important messages about life, our purpose, and how He wants us to live. He uses different ways to get our attention because He loves us and wants a relationship with us.

Q: Why were the shepherds chosen to receive the announcement?

The shepherds were considered the lowest class and were excluded from worship due to their work with unclean sheep. God chose them to show that His announcement is for everyone, regardless of social status.

Q: How did the shepherds react to the angel's announcement?

At first, they were terrified, but the angel reassured them and shared the good news. They were amazed and hurried to see the baby, spreading the word about what they had been told.

Q: Why is it significant that the birth of Jesus happened in Bethlehem?

Bethlehem was the crossroads of the ancient world, and God chose this location to make the most important announcement in history. It highlights the global scope of the good news.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • In the past, important announcements were made on television or through scrolling text, but now God uses various ways to get our attention.

  • The birth of Jesus was a major announcement, and it was made to the shepherds, who were considered the low class of society.

  • The announcement brought awe and wonder, as the glory of God shone around them, and it was a global story of good news for all people.

  • The angelic announcement was written down by Luke, ensuring that we have access to this important event.

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