Max Joseph: Signs That You Might Be a Bad Boss | Summary and Q&A

June 8, 2018
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Max Joseph: Signs That You Might Be a Bad Boss


Max Joseph, a filmmaker and co-host of Catfish, discusses the challenges and nuances of being a creator, exploring topics such as leadership, success, and the evolving field of web content creation.

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Key Insights

  • ❓ Leadership styles vary, and it is crucial for leaders to understand their natural skills and adapt their behavior accordingly.
  • 🤩 Finding a balance between being nice and being effective is key for successful leadership.
  • 😌 The internet has provided creators with platforms to reach their audience directly, but the challenge lies in standing out amidst the noise.
  • 😃 Success as a creator should be measured by finding joy in the creative process, rather than relying solely on audience metrics.


everyone thanks for watching quick heads-up before you watch this video with max the audio is terrible so if you're all into the audio and less about the content and the substance you might want to completely skip this video if you're in it for the content and you are a big fan of Max Joseph or want to know more about who is highly recommend watchi... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Is it necessary to be a "dick" or a jerk to be a successful leader?

Max Joseph argues that being a jerk is not a requirement for success, rather it's about understanding and leveraging one's natural skillset to achieve goals. While some individuals may have a more aggressive leadership style, it's essential to be true to oneself and adapt to different situations.

Q: How can a leader balance being nice and being effective?

According to Max, it's about finding a balance between being nice and being effective. Leaders need to understand their strengths and weaknesses, and actively work on improving themselves. It's important to learn from other successful leaders and find what tools work for them, whether it's warmth, listening, or assertiveness.

Q: What strategies can be employed to get the attention and cooperation of someone with a dominant personality?

Max shares the example of a filmmaker who used her Canadian warmth and friendliness to disarm difficult actors and gain their cooperation. He suggests figuring out what tools you have, such as a smile, good listening skills, or a mix of friendliness and assertiveness, to win the trust and respect of others.

Q: How can creators measure success?

Max highlights the importance of finding joy in the process of creating. The satisfaction and happiness derived from doing what you love, even for just one hour a day, is a significant measure of success. It's crucial to focus on the process, rather than seeking validation solely from audience metrics like likes and views.

Q: Is now the best time to create new content?

While the digital landscape provides opportunities for creators, Max suggests it is also challenging, with numerous voices vying for attention. He believes that the internet has democratized filmmaking by offering platforms like YouTube, allowing creators to reach their audience directly. However, he also acknowledges the need to navigate the noise and find ways to cut through it.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Max Joseph discusses his experience as a filmmaker, working on projects like Catfish and his recent documentary, and his interest in exploring the concept of leadership and its association with being a "dick" or a successful leader.

  • He emphasizes the importance of understanding one's natural skillset and using it to unlock people's potential and help achieve goals as a leader.

  • Max explores the challenges of the digital content landscape, the rise of web videos, and the democratization of filmmaking, highlighting the potential for growth and the need to navigate evolving consumption patterns.

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