Making A Fully Automated Youtube Channel With Computer Science | Summary and Q&A

January 12, 2021
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Making A Fully Automated Youtube Channel With Computer Science


This content discusses the process of creating a fully automated YouTube channel that compiles and uploads meme videos daily.

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Key Insights

  • ⌛ Automation of YouTube compilation channels can save time and effort in finding, editing, and uploading content.
  • 🎮 Instagram can be a valuable source for meme videos due to the presence of popular meme pages.
  • 🎮 Python libraries like instaloader and insta looter can facilitate the scraping of meme videos from Instagram.
  • 🥳 Programming can be used to edit and compile the videos, ensuring they fit the desired YouTube frame size and maintaining aspect ratios.
  • 👻 The YouTube API allows for the automation of the uploading process, including the generation of descriptions with timestamps.
  • 😶‍🌫️ Cloud services like Amazon AWS can be considered for running the automation process, but resource limitations may arise.
  • ❓ Consistency in daily uploads and potential improvements in content quality can contribute to the success of an automated YouTube channel.


so there's a lot of youtube compilation channels that pretty much put up funny videos or reddit threads and they get a ton of views but finding the content editing and uploading all this would take a lot of unnecessary work so what if we could make a computer do this all for us automatically uh well yeah let's do it so pretty much we're gonna make ... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How can we automate the process of finding meme videos?

The author suggests scraping meme videos from Instagram by following and downloading videos from popular meme pages using Python libraries, such as instaloader and insta looter.

Q: How does the author edit and compile the meme videos?

The author uses programming to scale the videos and ensure they fit the desired YouTube frame size. They also randomize the order of the memes and compile them into a 15-minute video using the moviepie library.

Q: How does the automated uploading process work?

The author utilizes the YouTube API to write a script that automatically uploads the compiled video to their YouTube channel. They generate a description with timestamps and the account names from which each meme video originated.

Q: Can the automation process be run on a cloud-based server?

The author explores using Amazon AWS to run the automation process on a cloud machine but encounters memory limitations and decides to use their own computer instead.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The content introduces the idea of automating YouTube compilation channels to save time and effort.

  • The author decides to create a YouTube channel focused on memes as there is potential for improvement in existing meme compilation channels.

  • The process involves scraping meme videos from Instagram using Python libraries, editing and compiling the videos, and automating the uploading process using the YouTube API.

  • The author explores using cloud services but encounters limitations with memory and ends up using their own computer for the automation.

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