Make a Rug | The Art Assignment | Fritz Haeg | Summary and Q&A

July 3, 2014
The Art Assignment
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Make a Rug | The Art Assignment | Fritz Haeg


Learn how artist Fritz Haeg repurposes old clothes and materials to make crocheted rugs, encouraging individuals to share their stories and use the rugs for various activities.

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Key Insights

  • 💨 Fritz Haeg's background in architecture influences his focus on imagining and creating new ways of living.
  • 😣 Placing homely rugs in formal museum settings challenges traditional notions of space and architecture.
  • 🥰 The art assignment encourages collaborative crafting and the repurposing of materials to create something meaningful.
  • 😣 Haeg's work with crocheted rugs emphasizes the importance of the rug's usage and the experiences it fosters.
  • 💦 Helio Oiticica's "Parangoles" series in the 1960s also explored the activation of textile works through performance and lived experiences.
  • 🥰 The rugs created in the art assignment travel to different cities, accumulating stories and memories from each location.
  • 😣 Crocheting a rug can be a social activity, involving multiple participants, or a solitary endeavor that evolves gradually over time.


You may notice that we're standing in front of a geodesic dome. Yeah, also the beautiful mountains and the city of Los Angeles. And it's not just any dome. It's the home, studio, and school of the artist Fritz Haeg. I'm a really big Fritz Haeg fan. He did this amazing project Edible Estates, where he helped people transform their lawns into vegetab... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What is Fritz Haeg known for in the art world?

Fritz Haeg is known for his artistic projects like transforming lawns into vegetable gardens through Edible Estates and hosting Sundown Schoolhouse events, where people can learn new skills and enjoy yoga and music.

Q: How does Haeg blur the lines between architecture and domestic spaces?

Haeg places rugs in museums, creating a contrast between the formal institution and the warmth of the rugs, inviting visitors to feel at home and break traditional definitions of architecture and space.

Q: How did Haeg start creating crocheted rugs?

Haeg began experimenting with crocheting rugs during a winter when he discovered a pile of old clothes. Over time, he developed a love for knitting and incorporated it into his art practice.

Q: What is the art assignment proposed in the video?

The art assignment is to gather old clothes, sheets, and rags to create a large crocheted rug. Participants are then encouraged to use the rug for various activities and share their experiences online.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Fritz Haeg is an artist known for his project Edible Estates, transforming lawns into vegetable gardens, and his Sundown Schoolhouse events.

  • Haeg focuses on the intersection of architecture and domestic spaces, often showcasing rugs in austere museums to create a homely contrast.

  • In this art assignment, individuals are encouraged to create crocheted rugs using old clothes and materials and use them for various activities, while sharing their stories online.

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