LOYAL3 CEO Barry Schneider: We Get To Invent Every Single Day | Summary and Q&A

June 16, 2014
Stanford Graduate School of Business
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LOYAL3 CEO Barry Schneider: We Get To Invent Every Single Day

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In this video, the speaker discusses their vision to democratize the marketplace and make it easy and affordable for everyone to invest in the brands they love, including initial public offerings (IPOs). They emphasize the importance of leveling the playing field and empowering individuals through their pursuit of making IPOs accessible to all. The speaker also highlights the power of the crowd and how it can bring back power to the individual. They talk about the barriers they aim to overcome and the significance of their mission to make a difference.

Questions & Answers

Q: What is the speaker's vision?

The speaker's vision is to democratize the marketplace and make investing in brands easy and affordable for everyone, including IPOs.

Q: Why do they include IPOs in their vision?

IPOs represent the elite and exclusive nature of the market, and by including them, the speaker aims to break the paradigm and demonstrate that a level playing field is possible.

Q: How were significant amounts of money raised through smaller investments?

In the 2008 elections, Obama raised more money through donations under $200 than McCain did from larger contributions. Similarly, President Clinton mentioned that donations for Hurricane Katrina relief reached over a billion dollars, with an average donation of $60. This shows the power of the crowd and how smaller contributions can have a significant impact.

Q: How does the crowd allow for power to be brought back to the individual?

The speaker explains that individuals, when united in large numbers, can be significantly influential and impactful from an economic perspective. By bringing people together, they aim to empower individuals and give them a voice.

Q: How many participants were previously able to participate in a single IPO?

Before Lowell 3, the most number of participants in a single IPO was 60,000. General Motors, for example, wanted to celebrate their IPO by including two million participants, but it wasn't possible due to regulatory and technological limitations.

Q: How many participants can Lowell 3 include in a single IPO?

Lowell 3 can now include 10 million participants in a single IPO. This scale allows for a strong and powerful machine, consisting of people rather than just big institutions.

Q: What are the requirements to participate in Lowell 3?

To participate in Lowell 3, one only needs a social security number and a beating heart. They intentionally don't sell to big institutions, aiming to provide access to individuals.

Q: What are the objectives of Lowell 3?

Lowell 3 aims to make investing in the market easy, affordable, and fee-free. They believe that these objectives will help build the company into a powerhouse and make a difference.

Q: What is the concept of stock rewards?

Stock rewards allow for the gifting of stock to people. Companies can gift stock to their valued customers or use it as a promotion incentive. It is brand-friendly and creates loyalty among customers.

Q: Why would a company choose to gift stock instead of offering discounts?

Gifting stock is seen as brand-friendly and creates a loyalty effect. When people own a piece of a company through stock, they tend to care more about it and show preference for that company over competitors.


Lowell 3's mission is to democratize the marketplace and make investing accessible to everyone. They aim to break the exclusive nature of the market by including IPOs in their platform. By bringing power back to the individual, they believe in the strength of the crowd and its ability to create substantial impact. Their innovative approach includes stock rewards, gifting stock to customers, and building a strong culture based on integrity, innovation, and interdependence. Lowell 3 is committed to making a difference and creating a level playing field for all individuals in the market.

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