Liverpool visits Harvard | Summary and Q&A

July 26, 2012
Harvard University
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Liverpool visits Harvard

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In this video, Carl Junot, the head coach for Harvard Men's Soccer, talks about the experience of having Liverpool F.C. visit their campus for training sessions and coaching clinics. He highlights the educational and motivational value of interacting with professional players and witnessing their training sessions. The video concludes with the upcoming Coaches' Challenge, where the coaching staff of Liverpool F.C. will face off against the coaching staff of Harvard Men's Soccer.

Questions & Answers

Q: How has the interaction with Liverpool F.C. been for the Harvard Men's Soccer team?

The interaction with Liverpool F.C. has been very educational and motivational for the Harvard Men's Soccer team. Being able to observe and learn from talented professional players has been a great experience. Additionally, witnessing the level of intensity and excitement that the professionals bring to their training sessions and games is something that can be translated to their own game.

Q: Can you share any interesting encounters with the Liverpool players?

Yes, it has been quite surreal to see the Liverpool players up close. On the first day, I had Daniel Agger walking just five feet behind me. It's a different experience seeing someone whom you usually see on television in front of thousands of people right in front of you. It's really cool to see them in person and realize their skill level firsthand.

Q: What has Liverpool F.C. been doing for the community during their visit?

Liverpool F.C. has conducted free coaching clinics for anyone in the community who was interested in attending. Their focus has been on education and player development, which are crucial aspects of the sport. These clinics were held on Harvard's campus, utilizing both the football and soccer stadiums.

Q: How has having Liverpool F.C. on campus affected the community?

Having Liverpool F.C. on campus has been fantastic for the community, especially considering that the preseason for Harvard Men's Soccer is just weeks away. It has helped build excitement around soccer and has provided a unique opportunity for the community members to witness professional training sessions and interact with renowned players.

Q: What is the upcoming event called and who will be participating in it?

The upcoming event is called the Coaches' Challenge, where the coaching staff from Liverpool F.C. will compete against the coaching staff of Harvard. It promises to be an exciting game, as both sides have highly skilled coaches. While the Liverpool staff brings their Premier League experience and international soccer background, the Harvard coaches have their own level of expertise and talent.

Q: How confident are you in your team's chances against Liverpool F.C.?

We are certainly excited about the Coaches' Challenge and believe that we have a good chance against Liverpool F.C. While they have extensive experience, both at the Premier League level and in international soccer, we have our own competent coaches with high-level playing backgrounds. As a team, we have them in our sights, and we are determined to give them a tough competition.

Q: What are your expectations for the Coaches' Challenge?

Our expectations for the Coaches' Challenge are to have a fun game, regardless of the final outcome. The coaching staff of both teams will showcase their skills on the field, and it will be an opportunity for everyone involved to enjoy the sport they love. We anticipate a competitive and entertaining match between two sets of coaches who are passionate about the game.

Q: How do you think the Coaches' Challenge will benefit your team?

Participating in the Coaches' Challenge against Liverpool F.C. will undoubtedly be a valuable experience for our team. It will allow our players to witness firsthand the level of play and coaching expertise at the highest level of the sport. The game will serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for our players, who can learn from watching the professionals in action.

Q: What would it mean to defeat Liverpool F.C. in the Coaches' Challenge?

If we were able to defeat Liverpool F.C. in the Coaches' Challenge, it would be a significant achievement and a source of pride for our team. It would demonstrate the talent and skill of our coaching staff and bolster the confidence and morale of our players. Additionally, it would be an unforgettable experience to have a victory against such a renowned club.

Q: Regardless of the outcome, what are the main takeaways from having Liverpool F.C. visit Harvard?

The main takeaways from having Liverpool F.C. visit Harvard are the educational and motivational aspects. Interacting with the professional players and observing their training sessions have provided valuable insights that can be translated into their own game. Furthermore, the community has benefited from the free coaching clinics, which have helped generate excitement around soccer and fostered local interest in player development.


The visit of Liverpool F.C. to Harvard for training sessions and coaching clinics has been highly educational and motivational for the Harvard Men's Soccer team. The opportunity to interact with professional players and witness their training sessions has provided valuable insights and inspiration for the team. Additionally, the impact on the community has been significant, with free coaching clinics generating excitement and interest in soccer and player development. The upcoming Coaches' Challenge promises to be an enjoyable and competitive event, furthering the overall experience of having Liverpool F.C. on campus.

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