Live Q&A with Matt Diggity (100k Subscriber Crossover Party) | Summary and Q&A

February 12, 2023
Matt Diggity
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Live Q&A with Matt Diggity (100k Subscriber Crossover Party)


Join the YouTuber as he celebrates reaching 100K subscribers and reflects on his journey in the SEO industry, discussing the impact of AI on SEO and the importance of topical authority.

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Key Insights

  • 🎯 Key Insight 1: The content creator has successfully built a YouTube channel and is approaching the milestone of 100K subscribers. This journey started in 2021 with a commitment to consistently produce one video per week.
  • 🎥 Key Insight 2: The content creator's shift from blogging to YouTube was driven by a decline in website traffic and a desire to connect with viewers on a deeper level. YouTube was seen as a platform with better engagement and a stronger connection with the audience.
  • 🌐 Key Insight 3: The rise of AI in the SEO industry has caused some concerns about job security and the future of SEO. However, the content creator remains optimistic and believes that SEO will continue to evolve and adapt to new technologies.
  • 💼 Key Insight 4: The content creator receives questions about various SEO topics, including topical authority, keyword difficulty, AI content, and technical SEO. They provide insights and advice based on their experience and expertise.
  • 📈 Key Insight 5: Building topical authority requires covering a topic extensively and writing multiple articles to be considered an authority by search engines like Google. Writing articles of different difficulty levels is important, regardless of keyword difficulty, to establish a comprehensive presence.
  • 🔍 Key Insight 6: The content creator discusses the potential impact of AI-powered chat systems on SEO. While some concerns are raised about the future of SEO and website traffic, the monetization potential through revenue sharing models is also highlighted.
  • 💡 Key Insight 7: The use of AI content generation tools, such as Surfer AI, is seen as a way to increase content production speed. However, it is important to ensure that AI-generated content is still optimized for SEO and aligned with the needs of search engine algorithms.
  • 💻 Key Insight 8: The content creator emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and staying up-to-date with the latest SEO trends and strategies to adapt to changes in the industry and maintain success in SEO endeavors.


what is up peeps we are live I don't know what I'm doing this is my first YouTube live I've literally have no idea what the controls are can I even share my screen can you see what I'm seeing I have no idea but I am here to serve you today I want to answer some questions I want to celebrate this semi-long journey to get to 100K sub with you all and... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How did the YouTuber's blog traffic decline and what led him to focus on YouTube videos instead?

The YouTuber noticed a decrease in traffic and engagement on his blog and decided to explore YouTube as a platform to connect with his audience in a more engaging way.

Q: What is topical authority and why is it important for SEO?

Topical authority is achieved by covering a topic extensively, which signals to search engines that you are an authority in that area and can lead to improved rankings and traffic.

Q: What are the potential impacts of AI on the SEO industry?

AI has the potential to change the way search results are generated and may impact traffic to websites. However, there is still uncertainty about how exactly AI will be implemented and monetized, presenting both challenges and opportunities for SEO professionals.

Q: How does the YouTuber suggest adapting to the changes brought by AI in SEO?

The YouTuber recommends staying informed about AI developments in the SEO industry, finding ways to provide unique value and experiences that AI cannot replicate, and being open to embracing new technologies and strategies.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The YouTuber reflects on his journey to reaching 100K subscribers and the decision to focus on YouTube videos to connect with his audience in a more personal way.

  • He explains the concept of topical authority and how covering a topic comprehensively can help improve rankings and traffic.

  • The YouTuber discusses the potential impact of AI on the SEO industry, acknowledging the fear and uncertainty it may bring but highlighting the importance of adapting to new technologies and finding ways to provide unique value to users.

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