Let Me Change The Way You Write Notes Forever | Correct Mindmapping Technique | Summary and Q&A

April 24, 2020
Justin Sung
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Let Me Change The Way You Write Notes Forever | Correct Mindmapping Technique


Mind maps should have a clear concept flow, logical arrangement of content, and prioritize simplicity to be effective.

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Key Insights

  • 🧠 Concept Flow: A mind map should reflect the logical flow of your thoughts, making it easier to understand and retain information. Randomly connecting ideas or excessive content can hinder comprehension.
  • 🔍 Clear Directionality: A well-organized mind map should have a clear direction and flow of information. It helps to see the overall picture and grasp the connections between concepts.
  • 🎯 Effective Technique: Despite some students claiming mind mapping doesn't work for them, when done correctly, it has proven to be an effective study technique for countless students. It is essential to understand and implement the proper method.
  • 📋 Prioritize Arrows: Arrows in a mind map should be clear and visually represent the flow of ideas, avoiding complex and confusing paths. Prioritizing the structure of arrows facilitates understanding and recall.
  • 📝 Avoid Information Overload: Writing too much content on a mind map can be counterproductive. It's not necessary to include excessive information; concise representations of ideas are sufficient, leaving room for recall-based revision.
  • 🔄 Recall Over Recognition: Activating recall during revision is more beneficial than relying on recognition alone. Having small gaps or prompts in your mind map encourages recall and enhances the learning process.
  • 🚀 Unlocking Learning: When the logic and organization of ideas are present in a mind map, it unlocks better comprehension and retention of information. The structural clarity makes it easier to connect and build on concepts.
  • 📚 Learn the Basics: While there is no need to read extensive books on mind mapping, understanding basic principles is crucial. Prioritizing arrows, limiting content, and allowing for recall can significantly improve the effectiveness of mind maps.


so how do you do a mindmap the right way versus the wrong way so the wrong way of doing a mindmap is to if you've got a piece of paper starting in like one random corner and then just going and then just like just connections everywhere another wrong way of doing it would be to have stuff that scrolled somewhere and then an arrow leading to another... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Why is concept flow important in a mind map?

Concept flow is important in a mind map because it reflects the logical structure of your thoughts and facilitates better understanding and retention of information. When the concept flow is clear, it becomes easier to navigate and make connections within the mind map.

Q: What are the advantages of simplifying a mind map?

Simplifying a mind map by prioritizing simplicity and avoiding excessive details or random connections helps in enhancing clarity and reducing cognitive overload. It allows for better comprehension and makes the mind map more effective as a visual representation of your thoughts.

Q: How does having small gaps in the information benefit learning?

Having small gaps in the information in a mind map encourages active recall rather than passive recognition. By activating recall, the brain strengthens the neural connections associated with the information, leading to better retention and understanding. This approach promotes effective learning and revision.

Q: Why is it important to avoid excessive content in a mind map?

Overloading a mind map with excessive content can hinder its effectiveness. It becomes visually overwhelming and increases the cognitive load, making it difficult to process and comprehend the information. Keeping the content concise and relevant helps maintain clarity and facilitates better usage of the mind map.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Mind maps should be organized with a clear concept flow to reflect the logical structure of your thoughts.

  • Avoid cluttering the mind map with excessive details or random connections, prioritize simplicity.

  • Having small gaps in the information allows for better recall and learning compared to having all the information on the page.

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