Legit or Bullsh*t: Tony Robbins, Doge Coin, Joe Rogan, Tinder & Twitter! | Summary and Q&A

April 28, 2021
Simon Squibb
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Legit or Bullsh*t: Tony Robbins, Doge Coin, Joe Rogan, Tinder & Twitter!


This content discusses the legitimacy of various topics, including Tony Robbins, Joe Rogan, real estate, Samsung, Dogecoin, McDonald's, AI, Twitter, Ikea, Tinder, collecting cars, and Peter McKinnon.

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Key Insights

  • 💆 Tony Robbins' mass empowering approach can be polarizing, leaving some with mixed feelings about his legitimacy.
  • 🫵 Real estate is viewed as a less ideal wealth-building strategy compared to entrepreneurship, according to the content creator.
  • ❓ The content creator has reservations about Samsung, perceiving it as a copycat brand.
  • 🙈 Dogecoin, like other cryptocurrencies, is seen as entertaining but with questionable legitimacy.
  • 😨 AI's potential for disruption evokes both excitement and fear, with job displacement being a concern.
  • 🤘 Twitter shows signs of potential resurgence under Jack Dorsey's leadership, gaining legitimacy in the content creator's view.
  • 😄 Ikea's ease of assembly during lockdown leads the content creator to consider it a legitimate brand.
  • 😨 Possessions, including car collecting, are viewed as potentially soulless, while experiences are valued more by the content creator.


welcome to this week's episode of legit or tony robbins tony robbins i have to think about that i mean i my instinct is to say legit um there's a lot of people that really love him and i know there's even like an inner circle that literally pay to love him so i can understand um and he says some incredible things some of his posts just like mind-bl... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What concerns does the content creator have about Tony Robbins?

The content creator feels uneasy about Tony Robbins' mass empowering approach and questions whether it is merely a business model or something deeper.

Q: How does the content creator view real estate as a wealth-building strategy?

The content creator believes that successful individuals have generally acquired their wealth through business ventures rather than solely through real estate. They also argue that homeownership can be a liability rather than an asset.

Q: What are the content creator's thoughts on AI?

The content creator acknowledges the potential disruption AI can bring but expresses hope that proper preparation, such as implementing universal income, can unlock new opportunities and allow individuals to pursue their desired purpose in life.

Q: Why does the content creator find Twitter interesting?

With Jack Dorsey's involvement and a recent resurgence, the content creator believes Twitter may make a comeback, finding it worth considering as a legitimate platform.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Tony Robbins: The speaker has a loyal following and shares insightful posts, but his mass empowering approach can feel unsettling.

  • Joe Rogan: Known for his authenticity, though some find his podcasts too lengthy, his impact on the podcasting world is undeniable.

  • Real Estate: The content creator expresses concerns about real estate as a wealth-building strategy, favoring entrepreneurship instead.

  • Samsung: The brand does not resonate with the content creator, who prefers originals over what they perceive as copycats.

  • Dogecoin: Viewed as entertaining but potentially lacking substance, similar to many other cryptocurrencies.

  • McDonald's: Despite the allure of the brand, the content creator finds their burgers unsatisfactory, calling into question their legitimacy.

  • AI: A mix of excitement and fear surrounds AI, as it has the potential to disrupt various industries, leading to job displacement but also newfound opportunities.

  • Twitter: The content creator believes Twitter may experience a comeback under the involvement of Jack Dorsey, calling it "legit."

  • Ikea: While not initially a fan, the content creator enjoyed assembling Ikea furniture during lockdown, leading them to view the brand as legitimate.

  • Tinder: With no personal experience using Tinder, the content creator refrains from passing judgment on its legitimacy.

  • Collecting Cars: The content creator acknowledges the appeal of car collecting but prefers experiences over possessions, believing possessions can end up owning us.

  • Peter McKinnon: Highly regarded for his work and authenticity, the content creator finds Peter McKinnon undeniably legit.

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