Learn how to build a career in industry! | Summary and Q&A

October 14, 2017
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Learn how to build a career in industry!


Learn how to transition from academia to industry with seminars and workshops focused on job searching, adapting work habits, and telling compelling stories about your experience.

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Key Insights

  • 👨‍🔬 Transitioning from academia to industry requires a shift in mindset and understanding the differences in job search approaches.
  • 😀 Scientists can find fulfilling careers in industry and need guidance to navigate the unique challenges they may face.
  • 👨‍🏫 Telling compelling stories about one's graduate school experience can make it more relatable and relevant to hiring managers.
  • 🏛️ Seminars and workshops can provide valuable insights into industry practices, helping individuals build successful careers.


Hey, everybody. Dave Giltner with TurningScience. I've been helping scientists and engineers for many years now... transition out of graduate school and into rewarding careers in industry. One of the ways I do this is visiting universities all over the world... and speaking with students and postdocs about what working in industry is really like.... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What are the major differences between finding a job in academia versus industry?

In academia, qualifications and accomplishments play a significant role in securing a job. However, in industry, the focus is on how you can contribute to the team and help achieve its goals.

Q: Can scientists find rewarding careers in industry?

Absolutely! Scientists have unique challenges when transitioning from academia, but there are numerous job opportunities for them in industry. Giltner assures that he can guide scientists in finding suitable positions and explains the benefits of working in industry.

Q: How can storytelling be helpful in job searching?

Storytelling allows candidates to make their experiences relatable to hiring managers in industry. By framing their graduate school experience in relevant ways, candidates can stand out and demonstrate their skills and relevance to the industry's needs.

Q: What is the Industry Boot Camp workshop about?

Giltner's Industry Boot Camp is a two-day workshop that covers various topics, including the differences between academia and industry, helping your manager, navigating company organizations, developing successful habits, and effectively communicating successes in industry.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • In this video, Dave Giltner shares his experience and knowledge in helping scientists and engineers transition from graduate school to careers in industry.

  • Giltner emphasizes that finding a job in industry is different from academia and highlights the importance of understanding the working environment and how to contribute to a team.

  • He offers seminars and workshops on topics such as the differences between academia and industry, finding a rewarding career in industry, and storytelling techniques to enhance one's job search.

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