Lawyer Reacts: The Dropout Episode 5 | Summary and Q&A

March 28, 2022
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Lawyer Reacts: The Dropout Episode 5


In episode 5 of "The Dropout," the true nature of Elizabeth Holmes and the constant state of deception at Theranos is revealed.

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Key Insights

  • 😥 The Walgreens deal represents a turning point for Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes, forcing them to confront the reality of their technology's limitations.
  • 😀 The lab employees face significant challenges in keeping the Edison machines online due to constant failures.
  • 🤨 David Boyce's financial involvement in Theranos raises ethical concerns regarding his ability to provide impartial legal advice.
  • 🖤 Ian Gibbons' death highlights the emotional turmoil within the company and the alleged lack of recognition for his contributions.
  • 😒 The episode uses creative license to depict the aggressiveness of Sunny Balwani and his evolving role within the company.
  • 🎰 Opening up Siemens machines is not a patent infringement, but Theranos' use of the machine without disclosure is misleading.
  • 🉐 Elizabeth Holmes falsely exploits the death of her Uncle Ron to further her narrative and gain sympathy.


hi everybody pete sardis here for the lore you know and we are back talking about hulu's miniseries the dropout and we're going to discuss episode 5. but before we do that please remember this is a spoiler alert i am going to talk about what's happening in the episode we're gonna talk about what's true what's false and what's true-ish but before we... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How does the Walgreens deal impact Theranos?

The Walgreens deal represents a significant opportunity for Theranos, but it also forces Elizabeth Holmes to confront the fact that their technology doesn't work. She must decide whether to proceed with a machine that cannot provide accurate results.

Q: Is the depiction of the smoking and exploding Edison machines accurate?

While there are no indications that the machines actually started smoking and catching fire, it serves as a metaphor for the lab's struggles to make the technology work. Theranos lab employees were working tirelessly to keep the machines operational despite constant failures.

Q: What is the significance of David Boyce's involvement in the litigation?

David Boyce, Elizabeth Holmes' lawyer, becomes personally invested in Theranos' success as he is being paid in stock. This financial interest compromises his ability to provide unbiased legal advice and could potentially impact the outcome of the case.

Q: How does the episode depict Ian Gibbons' death?

The episode portrays Ian Gibbons' death as a result of overdosing on medication and alcohol the day before his deposition. While there may be some creative license, it highlights the emotional toll and perceived lack of recognition for his contributions to the company.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The episode focuses on the Walgreens launch and the realization that Theranos' technology doesn't work, leading to a turning point for Elizabeth Holmes.

  • The lab employees are working long hours to keep the Edison machines running, despite constant failures.

  • The episode explores the personal and financial motivations of lawyer David Boyce and the emotional impact of Ian Gibbons' death.

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