Kindred by Octavia Butler | The Fight, Parts 1–4 | Summary and Q&A

March 10, 2020
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Kindred by Octavia Butler | The Fight, Parts 1–4


Dana travels back in time to the era of slavery, facing challenges and trying to protect those she cares about.

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Key Insights

  • 😀 Dana and Kevin face familial opposition after getting engaged.
  • 💀 Dana's preparations for her time-traveling journeys reflect the uncertainty and danger involved.
  • 🍝 Dana's encounters in the past highlight the brutality and complexities of slavery.
  • ❓ Dana grapples with moral dilemmas regarding her interactions with Rufus.
  • 🍗 Dana values the safety and freedom of Alice and Isaac, trying to protect them from Rufus and the Patrol.
  • 🛟 The consequences of Rufus's actions affect multiple relationships and lives.
  • 📔 Dana's understanding of history deepens as she immerses herself in books about slavery and oppression.


Kindred's section the fight is broken into 16 parts in part 1 dana recalls that four months after they meet after a fight they have over her refusal to type up kevin's handwritten manuscripts for him kevin kicks her out but she returns the next day to his surprise dana isn't expecting kevin to propose partly because they've never talked about their... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Why does Dana pack supplies in case she is called back into the past?

Dana packs supplies because whenever she travels back in time, she needs to be prepared for her physical needs and potential dangers she might face.

Q: How does Dana cope with the memories of the past?

Dana copes with the disorienting memories by reading books about slavery and Nazi brutality, trying to gain a deeper understanding of the historical context she finds herself in.

Q: What does Dana discover about Rufus and Alice's relationship?

Dana learns that Rufus loves Alice and raped her out of fear of losing her to Isaac. This revelation deeply disturbs Dana and poses ethical dilemmas for her actions moving forward.

Q: How does Dana convince Rufus to lie about his injuries?

Dana convinces Rufus to lie about his injuries by explaining that it will give Alice and Isaac a head start from the Patrol, who might otherwise capture and harm them.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Dana and Kevin get engaged, but face opposition from their families.

  • Dana wakes up in the past, tending to her injuries and preparing for future trips.

  • Dana encounters a violent incident and tries to prevent further harm.

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