Kevin’s Very Personal Advice for Creators | Summary and Q&A

March 1, 2022
The Create Unknown
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Kevin’s Very Personal Advice for Creators


The content discusses the author's personal experience of transitioning from creating dark and depressing music to focusing on positivity and joy, highlighting the importance of making conscious choices for one's artistic expression.

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Key Insights

  • ❓ Success does not automatically qualify someone to give advice, as their path to success may not be replicable or applicable to others.
  • 👯 It is essential to critically evaluate the advice and experiences of successful people, particularly in the creative field, to determine its relevance and potential impact.
  • 😃 The content we consume and create has the power to shape our mindset and well-being, hence the importance of choosing content that promotes positivity and joy.
  • 😑 Making a conscious decision to prioritize happiness and positivity in artistic expression can lead to greater fulfillment and resonate with a wider audience.


i have noticed over the years generally speaking that a lot of creators try to give advice and it's bad do not listen to successful people all the time just because somebody is successful does not mean they understand how they became a success if you want to do crazy content and be yourself you really need to be comfortable with having people disli... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How did the author's realization about the flawed advice from successful creators impact their own creative process?

The author's realization prompted them to reevaluate their own artistic expression and consciously choose to focus on positivity and joy in their content creation.

Q: What inspired the author to make a conscious decision to transition from creating dark music to more light-hearted content?

The author recognized the negative impact of indulging in dark and depressing music and desired a healthier approach to their creative endeavors, seeking to promote happiness and inspiration through their content.

Q: Did the author face any challenges or resistance when transitioning from dark music to a more positive and joyful approach?

The transition was not without its difficulties, as the author had to stop playing music entirely to avoid creating more dark content. However, they ultimately found fulfillment in creating comedy and inspiring content.

Q: How has the author's shift towards positivity and joy impacted their overall well-being and artistic fulfillment?

The author's conscious choice to focus on positivity and joy has had a significant positive impact on their well-being and artistic fulfillment, leading to a greater sense of purpose and creating content that resonates with others.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The author reflects on the prevalence of creators giving bad advice and the need to critically evaluate the success of others before following their guidance.

  • They share a personal story of encountering a post from an artist who claimed their success came from doing nothing, highlighting the flawed perception of success and the importance of self-awareness.

  • The author explores their own journey of creating dark and depressing music, realizing its negative impact on their well-being, and making a deliberate shift towards creating content that promotes positivity and joy.

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