Jordan Peterson Bloopers + Deleted Scenes | Summary and Q&A

April 21, 2019
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Jordan Peterson Bloopers + Deleted Scenes


Snake Wrangler deals with misbehavior from his snake Tigger while trying to film at home.

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Key Insights

  • 👪 Tigger's misbehavior adds comedic elements to Snake Wrangler's home video shoots.
  • ❓ Snake Wrangler's patience and ability to adapt to unexpected situations are evident in his interactions with Tigger.
  • 😀 The challenges faced while filming at home highlight the unpredictability of working with animals and the need for flexibility in such situations.
  • 👻 Snake Wrangler's ability to find humor in frustrating circumstances allows him to maintain a positive attitude during the filming process.
  • 😀 The blooper reel captures the humorous side of working with animals and showcases the challenges faced by Snake Wrangler while shooting at home.
  • 🤝 The video highlights the importance of maintaining patience and composure when dealing with unexpected interruptions.
  • 💦 Snake Wrangler's ability to handle Tigger's misbehavior demonstrates his skill as a snake wrangler and his dedication to his work.


See? This is why I hate shooting in my home. [Snake Wrangler]: Tigger! You're being very unhelpful and you're being a diva. [off-camera laughter] [kiss] And I've learned a great deal... He's pulling my crown off! AaaAAAHahaha! Tigger! Aaah! [Snake Wrangler]: Okay, Tigger, don't do it, don't grip! Don't-- [Snake Wrangler]: Tigger, no no no no no... ... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How does Tigger misbehave during the filming process?

Tigger misbehaves by pulling Snake Wrangler's crown off, not cooperating, and gripping onto things he shouldn't be gripping.

Q: How does Snake Wrangler handle Tigger's misbehavior?

Snake Wrangler tries to discipline Tigger by asking him to behave, but Tigger continues to misbehave. Snake Wrangler eventually manages to continue filming despite Tigger's interruptions.

Q: Why does Snake Wrangler dislike shooting at home?

Snake Wrangler dislikes shooting at home because Tigger's misbehavior and interruptions make it difficult to film effectively and smoothly.

Q: How does Snake Wrangler react to Tigger's misbehavior?

Snake Wrangler initially gets frustrated with Tigger's misbehavior but tries to find humor in the situation. He even laughs at Tigger's antics and appreciates the unexpected moments they create.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Snake Wrangler tries to film at home but is constantly interrupted and hindered by his mischievous snake Tigger.

  • Tigger misbehaves, pulls the crown off, and interrupts the filming process, causing frustration for Snake Wrangler.

  • Despite the challenges, Snake Wrangler manages to film while dealing with Tigger's antics.

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