Joe Rogan Experience #1510 - George Knapp & Jeremy Corbell | Summary and Q&A

July 17, 2020
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Joe Rogan Experience #1510 - George Knapp & Jeremy Corbell


In-depth discussion on journalist George Knapp's UFO stories uncovering government involvement.

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Key Insights

  • 🎖️ Documented history of UFO encounters at nuclear facilities and military zones.
  • 🙃 George Knapp's investigative efforts expose government cover-ups and secrecy surrounding UFO phenomena.
  • 😉 FLIR pods play a crucial role in capturing unexplained aerial phenomena observed by military personnel.
  • 🛄 Bob Lazar's controversial claims contribute to the ongoing discourse on UFO invasions and advanced technology.


first of all george pleasure to meet you joe great to talk to you good great to see you in person great to see you too and jeremy good to see you again good to see you this is uh we're doing this often this is becoming a thing uh george uh i think that you're probably like one of the most important figures when it comes to journalism and ufos and w... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How did George Knapp's interest in UFOs evolve after encountering stories about Bob Lazar?

George Knapp's curiosity sparked when he covered Bob Lazar's claims about UFOs, leading to in-depth investigations and uncovering a world of government secrecy and unexplained phenomena.

Q: What key government disclosures has George Knapp unearthed during his journalistic career?

George Knapp shed light on classified documents, military encounters with UFOs, and nuclear facility intrusions, showcasing a pattern of unexplained and possibly extraterrestrial occurrences.

Q: How has the government's stance on UFOs changed in recent years, as mentioned by George Knapp?

Recent acknowledgments by the government regarding UFO sightings and the admission of unexplained aerial craft exhibiting superior technology hint at a shift towards transparency and public awareness of unconventional phenomena.

Q: What role do thermal imaging systems like FLIR pods play in capturing UFO footage and debunking false claims?

FLIR pods are critical in recording thermal imagery and detecting unidentified aerial phenomena, providing crucial evidence in separating genuine UFO sightings from misidentifications like birds or other conventional objects.


This conversation is a discussion between George Knapp, Joe Rogan, and Jeremy Corbell. George Knapp is known for breaking the story about Bob Lazar, a man who claimed to have worked on reverse-engineering alien technology at Area 51. In this conversation, they discuss Knapp's thoughts on UFOs before meeting Bob Lazar, how his perspective changed after getting to know Lazar and his story, the reactions and challenges they faced when breaking the story to the public, and the ongoing interest and scrutiny surrounding Lazar's claims. They also touch on topics like Lazar's background, his scientific knowledge, and the potential implications of his claims.

Questions & Answers

Q: What was George Knapp's thoughts on UFOs before meeting Bob Lazar and how did it change after getting to know Lazar and his story?

George Knapp had not given much thought to UFOs before meeting Bob Lazar. Like most people, he had a curiosity about the topic but had not dwelled on it. However, when he interviewed Lazar and heard his story about working at a secret facility called S4, seeing flying saucers, and learning about advanced alien technology, Knapp became more intrigued and his perspective on UFOs changed significantly.

Q: How did George Knapp and Bob Lazar's initial encounter and subsequent interviews generate public interest in UFOs?

After Knapp interviewed Bob Lazar and aired his story on a local news station, the response from the public was overwhelming. The phones started ringing off the hook, people were eager to learn more, and the audience grew larger with each subsequent interview. The story gained even more traction when it was shared on platforms like Paranet, which was a precursor to the internet. The bizarreness of Lazar's claims and the mysterious nature of Area 51 captured the public's imagination and propelled the story to national and international attention.

Q: Did George Knapp believe Bob Lazar's claims about working on reverse-engineering alien technology?

George Knapp was initially intrigued by Bob Lazar's claims, but he approached the story with skepticism and a journalistic mindset. He recognized the risks involved in reporting such a controversial story and understood that it could potentially damage his personal reputation and that of his news organization. However, as he delved deeper into Lazar's background, looked into the larger UFO phenomenon, and interviewed other witnesses, he became more convinced that there was something significant to the story. He also observed that Lazar's story remained consistent over the span of 31 years, which is unusual even for true stories.

Q: Why did George Knapp believe that the government was responsible for the threats and harassment Bob Lazar experienced?

George Knapp believed that the government was responsible for the threats and harassment Bob Lazar experienced due to the nature of the incidents and their timing. When Knapp put out a call for others to come forward with information about Area 51 and S4, several individuals who had contacted him on the phone were subsequently visited by suspicious individuals. Some of them were warned to keep silent under the pretense of their security clearance or were subtly threatened about their personal safety. In addition, Knapp personally experienced resistance and stonewalling from government and national facilities, such as Los Alamos, when he sought to verify Lazar's background and employment records.

Q: What did George Knapp and Bob Lazar do to investigate and verify Lazar's claims?

George Knapp and Bob Lazar took their time to investigate and verify Lazar's claims before going public with the story. They conducted multiple interviews over a period of seven and a half months, during which they delved into Lazar's background, visited Los Alamos, went to Area 51, and built a rapport with Lazar. Knapp also spent eight months immersing himself in the subject of ufology, interviewing experts, attending conferences, and researching related topics. They put together a series of reports that aired on television, which generated a huge public response and changed Knapp's life.

Q: Did George Knapp face challenges and backlash when breaking the Bob Lazar story to the public?

George Knapp faced challenges and backlash when breaking the Bob Lazar story to the public. He received initial resistance from his news organization and other journalists, who believed the story was outlandish and lacked credibility. Additionally, skeptics and detractors constantly challenged and criticized Knapp's involvement in the story, questioning his integrity and accusing him of being part of a disinformation campaign. However, Knapp stood by his reporting and defended his decision to bring Lazar's story to light. Over time, the attention from major news organizations and the continued interest in UFOs helped validate Knapp's work.

Q: Did George Knapp believe that Bob Lazar's background and education made him qualified to work on alien technology?

George Knapp believed that if Bob Lazar had indeed worked at Los Alamos in classified projects and had a scientific or technical background, it would make sense for him to be hired into a program like S4. Knapp reasoned that Lazar's unconventional thinking and ability to think outside the box may have been valuable for cracking problems that the government and scientists had been unable to solve. However, Knapp acknowledged the gaps and discrepancies in Lazar's background and education, which have been points of contention for skeptics and critics.

Q: How did George Knapp's perspective on UFOs change after delving into the subject of ufology and researching related topics?

George Knapp's perspective on UFOs changed significantly after he immersed himself in the subject of ufology for eight months. He read extensively, attended conferences, and interviewed people in the field. This deep dive into the topic helped him understand the broader context of UFOs and the vast interest in the subject. It also exposed him to a multitude of firsthand accounts and credible witnesses, which solidified his belief that there was something substantial to the UFO phenomenon.

Q: Did George Knapp and Bob Lazar experience any pushback or attempts to discredit Lazar's claims?

George Knapp and Bob Lazar experienced significant pushback and attempts to discredit Lazar's claims. Lazar faced intense scrutiny, threats, and harassment after going public with his story. Detractors spread rumors and made false accusations about his personal life, trying to tarnish his reputation. Some individuals went as far as accusing Lazar of illegal activities, such as soliciting a minor for prostitution, without any evidence to support their claims. Both Knapp and Lazar have been subjected to ongoing scrutiny, criticism, and even death threats because of their involvement in the story.

Q: In what ways did Bob Lazar's claims align with current discussions and discoveries in the realm of UFOs and alien technology?

Bob Lazar's claims about reverse-engineering alien technology and the existence of advanced propulsion systems align with current discussions and discoveries in the realm of UFOs. His descriptions of anti-gravity propulsion, element 115, and the bending of light have similarities with recent scientific understandings and advancements. The release of declassified government videos, like the "Tic Tac" UFO encounter, and the acknowledgment by legitimate scientists that these phenomena defy our current knowledge of physics further support Lazar's claims. The ongoing interest and discussion surrounding UFOs and the potential existence of extraterrestrial technology indicate that Lazar's story remains relevant and continues to be researched and investigated.


The conversation between George Knapp, Joe Rogan, and Jeremy Corbell highlights the significant impact of the Bob Lazar story on discussions about UFOs and alleged alien technology. George Knapp's firsthand experience with investigating Lazar's claims sheds light on the challenges, backlash, and scrutiny faced by those involved in reporting such sensational stories. The ongoing interest and curiosity surrounding Lazar's claims and the broader UFO phenomenon underscore the public fascination with extraterrestrial life and technology. The conversation also emphasizes the need for critical thinking, skepticism, and careful investigation when engaging with extraordinary claims.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • George Knapp, a journalist, recounts how his interest in UFOs grew after being exposed to stories about Bob Lazar.

  • His journalistic journey reveals government secrecy, unexplained craft sightings, and cover-up attempts.

  • Knapp dives into historical incidents, personal investigations, and unsettling encounters verifying UFO phenomena.

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