Jim Breuer's Coronavirus Questions | Summary and Q&A

March 19, 2021
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Jim Breuer's Coronavirus Questions

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In this video, Joe Rogan discusses his experience with COVID-19 and raises questions about the medical treatment and protocols surrounding the virus. He shares his mild symptoms and frustration with the testing process, as well as the differing opinions of doctors. Rogan also questions the restrictions placed on visiting loved ones in hospitals and the potential negative effects of fear and stress on health. He emphasizes the importance of questioning information and not blindly accepting it.

Questions & Answers

Q: Can you describe your experience with COVID-19?

Joe Rogan explains that he had a mild sinus infection-like symptoms, starting from his nose and progressing to feeling tired. He also mentions using nose sprays and medication to alleviate symptoms.

Q: Did you give COVID-19 to your family members?

Rogan states that he gave it to his wife and youngest daughter, but his other two daughters tested negative and left the house. His wife still has some lingering symptoms and cannot taste or smell. However, his youngest daughter recovered.

Q: Why did the doctor recommend vitamins instead of immediate testing?

Rogan questions why the doctor did not immediately test him but instead advised him to take vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc. He expresses frustration with the delayed testing process.

Q: What was your experience with testing?

Rogan shares that he had to wait for 12 days to get a test and was then told that the rapid test he took was not accepted. He questions the reliability of different tests and the decision of doctors to not accept certain tests.

Q: Why did the doctor refuse to provide antibiotics or steroids without a positive test result?

Rogan raises the question of why doctors wait for a positive test result before prescribing antibiotics or steroids to COVID-19 patients. He believes that these medications could be given earlier to prevent further complications.

Q: Is there confusion surrounding COVID-19 and its severity?

Rogan highlights the confusion surrounding the severity of COVID-19 and the lack of adjustment in the initial assumptions that it would be more severe. He also mentions the comorbidities present in a majority of deaths attributed to the virus.

Q: What percentage of hospitalized COVID-19 patients are obese?

Rogan states that 78% of hospitalized COVID-19 patients are obese, indicating that obesity poses a higher risk for severe symptoms.

Q: How many COVID-19 deaths are solely attributed to the virus?

Rogan mentions that only 6% of COVID-19 deaths are solely due to the virus, while the remaining 94% had an average of 2.6 comorbidities.

Q: Can you provide an example of the impact of COVID-19 misinformation?

Rogan shares a story about a friend who believed they would take hydroxychloroquine if they contracted COVID-19 but ended up being hospitalized and experiencing strokes. He questions the misinformation and lack of appropriate treatment in this case.

Q: How was a misdiagnosed patient's family prevented from seeing him?

Rogan recounts a story where a misdiagnosed COVID-19 patient was brain-dead, but the family was not allowed to visit him in the hospital due to restrictions. He questions the safety measures in place and the lack of human touch and love in such situations.

Q: What is the power of suggestion in medical treatment?

Rogan introduces the concept of the nocebo effect, where negative suggestions and fear can impact a person's physical health. He cites examples of individuals experiencing physical symptoms after being told they have a disease, even if they were misdiagnosed.


Joe Rogan believes in questioning information rather than blindly accepting it. He highlights the need for human touch and emotional support in times of illness, stressing the negative impact of fear and stress on the immune system. Rogan also emphasizes the power of the mind in influencing health outcomes and discusses the potential dangers of misdiagnosis and medical misinformation.

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