Jeff Teague tells CRAZY story of NOT TALKING to Paul George for 4 months | Club 520 Podcast | Summary and Q&A

December 29, 2023
Club 520 Podcast
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Jeff Teague tells CRAZY story of NOT TALKING to Paul George for 4 months | Club 520 Podcast


Smush Parker reveals that he and Kobe Bryant did not speak to each other for two years during their time as teammates on the Lakers and discusses the implications of their lack of communication.

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Key Insights

  • 😀 Lack of communication between teammates, as seen in the case of Kobe Bryant and Smush Parker, can affect their relationship and overall team dynamics.
  • ❓ Effective on-court communication can still exist even if teammates have strained relationships off the court.
  • 😀 The success of the Lakers' team during the time of Parker and Bryant's lack of communication shows that communication is not the sole determining factor of a team's success.
  • ❓ NBA players, like Parker and George, may experience periods of limited or no communication with teammates, but it does not necessarily hinder their performance on the court.
  • πŸ™ˆ Communication issues can be resolved over time, as seen in the case of Parker and Bryant who eventually started talking again.
  • πŸ™‚ The insights into player dynamics provided by Parker shed light on the challenges faced by professional athletes and the importance of building strong relationships within a team.
  • βŒ› The Clippers, despite early struggles with their star-studded lineup, have begun to find success as they adjust their playing time and roles, proving that patience and time are necessary for team chemistry to develop.


that SM Parker interview was funny as hell cuz that [Β __Β ] said Kobe didn't speak for me for two years he sat right next to each other Kobe out of pocket yeah Kobe [Β __Β ] up for that that's crazy RP Bean bro but yeah you could have talked to him broo you could have said what up I don't like the Smo just now saying something about it he said this be... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Why did Smush Parker and Kobe Bryant not speak to each other for two years?

Smush Parker suggests that Bryant believed he did not have enough accolades to talk to him and that their strained relationship may have been due to a lack of respect from Bryant.

Q: Did their lack of communication affect their performance on the court?

Despite not speaking off the court, Parker mentions that they still communicated during games and were able to successfully play together. Their lack of communication did not seem to have a significant impact on their performance.

Q: How did they eventually start talking again?

Parker reveals that they started talking again after a plane ride where a teammate encouraged them to have a conversation. They gradually became cool with each other and even attended parties together.

Q: Did Smush Parker have a good relationship with any other teammate?

Parker mentions that he also had limited communication with Paul George during their time playing together. They did not talk for about four months until a teammate made them talk during a plane ride.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Smush Parker shares that he and Kobe Bryant had a strained relationship and did not speak for two years while playing for the Lakers.

  • Parker expresses surprise that Bryant waited until after his death to mention their lack of communication and questions why Bryant didn't address the issue when he was alive.

  • Despite their lack of communication, the Lakers had successful seasons, highlighting the fact that effective communication is not always necessary for on-court success.

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